The Controversial Hannah and Castiel

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Many fans are seemingly outraged by the speculation in a Sneak Peak of Supernatural Season 10, that was released earlier this week, that Angels Castiel and Hannah may become an item. This is what I have to say on the issue…

First of all, the speculation that a romantic relationship will form is not exactly confirmed and the whole thing is kept very mysterious. In the sneak peak, we have executive producers, Jeremy Carver and Robert Singer explaining that Castiel and Hannah will become closer in Season 10. They state how Hannah starts to find that she cares about Cas in a non-angelic way which seems unusual seeing how blindly obedient and simply uncaring she was in Season 9. I have spoken about how much I hated Hannah’s character last season because of the underdevelopment, and so this preview was a blessing for me. We get to see a long-deserved, complicated, independent character that I hardly recognise. It could be that writers purely want to develop Hannah’s character rather than start a romance between the two of them.

Fans may simply be jumping to conclusions about things, assuming a romantic relationship will come out of this. Executive producers also teased that Hannah and Castiel will bond over the feelings of humanity that they are both developing, but this could just add to the theory that they are becoming closer as friends.

Hannah 4 Castiel 6


Okay this preview scene may go against my point as we see Castiel apparently naked underneath a bath robe in front of Hannah.

But, if these two characters are both Angels then this situation may not seem as awkward or embarrassing or sexual as the way humans may see it. Hannah does seem slightly uncomfortable as she looks curiously at Cas’ body to which Cas slowly covers himself up. Firstly, Castiel is the socially-awkward, adorable character of the show so probably wouldn’t read this situation like we would. It could simply be that Hannah walked in on him whilst he wasn’t decent and it led to this slightly comic scene. This doesn’t have to lead to sex or love but rather a more intimate friendship between them.

In my opinion, Hannah doesn’t need Castiel, and vise versa. In the sneak peak, Hannah is shown asking Castiel for help, inferring that there is something going on in Heaven or with the Angels. In contrast to her pathetic personality last year, she is confident, she’s driven and wants to get her job done and look for a solution to save her people or her home. I doubt that what she’s looking for right now is romance with someone who she used to closely serve and refer to as “commander” (and Cas even calls her a “soldier” at one point in this preview.) Going on what I said earlier, it could be that this year Castiel and Hannah are turning from co-workers to friends.

There is also the fact that Hannah did screw up last season, by joining Metatron’s side and not believing Castiel because of her blind obedience. (It is hard to tell if this is meant to represent the obedient quality of all Angels or if the writers are just being slightly sexist.) Anyway, the fact that Hannah did screw up may mean that this year she is trying to do things right. To use her head instead of just going on what the men in charge tell her to do. Referring back to the closeness to humanity aspect of her this year, she may be feeling guilty over how she hurt Cas by not believing him and it took the suicide of fellow Angel Ezekiel to make her realise that she had made a mistake. This year it seems like she is really trying to care for Castiel, and be there for him through his dying days.

Many fans have also admitted that they don’t like it when Castiel has his own, very independent storylines, and purely want every scene of him to be with Sam and Dean. I really don’t know why some viewers almost possess over this dream that Cas can only possibly exist within the brother’s own personal story. I, for the most part, enjoy Cas’ single storylines and am really excited to see his subplot with the intriguing, reinvigorated Hannah.

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The next problem, that I have heard from fans, about this idea or “ship” is that it could easily be classed as incest as Angels are seen by many viewers as family. Many of the Angels on the show refer to God as their “father” and fellow Angels as “brothers” and “sisters”. Some characters do this more frequently than others but you don’t have to watch for long to hear the family terms that are used within the species’ community.

Personally, if Cas and Hannah do develop a romantic relationship, I wouldn’t find an issue with the idea that it may be incest. I interpret the words and language that Angels use to describe each other as wanting to be affectionate and caring towards each other rather than actually indicating that they are blood relatives. As an audience, we’ve never really been told how Angels are made or how/if they reproduce. I always believed that Angels did reproduce but some may interpret this differently and say that all Angels were made at the same time by God (except maybe the archangels were made before this), making them all the same age. However, this must mean that there are only a limited number of them and, even though the exact number of Angels is unknown, it seems that there are more and more that pop up despite the amount of them who have been killed off over the years. Castiel murders hundreds of his kind when he becomes God in 7.01 “Meet the New Boss” and many are said to have died in the fall from Heaven at the end of Season 8. Due to the many Angel deaths on the show and the fact that there are apparently still lots of them around, I assumed that they did reproduce but I can understand if other fans think differently.

Going back to the incest worry: I recently read on the Supernatural Wiki’s twitter a similar opinion to mine…

“Some fans seem to think angels are actual siblings? Um no. if they were, then who is their mother?” – “Terms like “father” and “brother” are not used literally by angels.” – “It’s a bit like the SPN Family – if i have sex with a member of the SPN family I am pretty sure its not incest!” – “What was it Kripke said about fans being overly literal??”

I very much agree with these views of Angels not being biological siblings and, even though we have never had a romantic relationship between two Angel characters before, I really don’t think fans should be taking the Angel species and the way they interact with each other so literally.

If you look at the show as a whole, many fans love it when characters such as Bobby, Castiel, Kevin and Charlie are referred to as family by Sam and Dean, and yet we know that this just means that they have a very close bond with the boys. This doesn’t stop the masses of Destiel shippers out there from dreaming that their perfect couple will one day confess their love for each other.

That’s another issue; the majority of the fans are Destiel shippers and so any female character that gets in the way of Dean and Castiel’s love is pretty much doomed from the beginning. The appearance of Hannah also strikes fear into these shippers that Castiel might actually like someone else.

Whomever you ship together, let’s not take it out on Hannah who is perfectly innocent in all of this. We don’t get many strong, females characters on this show, guys, let’s not judge Hannah before the show starts. I refract my judgement of her in Season 9 and am really looking forward to seeing her new persona in the new season.

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To conclude my opinion about the relationship, that may or may not form:

At first I was surprised to hear that Castiel and Hannah may get together but then, after thinking it through, realised that it’s perfectly okay for the writers to do that and, if Hannah is actually written well this year, I think that they would be a very happy couple. I didn’t even think about the idea that it might be incest because I always imagined the Angel community to be similar to humans in that they have similarly close bonds with each other. Both Castiel and Hannah have a common cause to fight for which is Heaven and can comfort and have sympathy for each other because they are both in the same position of being a member of a dying and chaotic angelic race.

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13 Responses to The Controversial Hannah and Castiel

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  3. I agree with your opinion, I would like to see if Hannah is different from last season. Her appearance in season nine really just annoyed me and I really hope she is different this time around. However, I wish that the writers would write in another character instead of changing who Hannah has already become.


    • theredcolours says:

      I understand where your coming from. It may be a bit strange if Hannah starts acting differently in Season 10 but I suppose it’s better than just keeping her quiet or killing her off. x


  4. Agree 100%. Even if she were to eventually get killed off, I would like to see Castiel experience loss of a loved one (whether it be of a close friend or love interest), which would mean that Hannah’s character would have to stick around for a considerable length of time, develop her character, and share significant army buddy moments with Cas. Plus, I liked her in Season 9. I wouldn’t want her to stay the same and not become more open-minded, but she was cool. I was happy to hear that she’d be back for at least the first episode of Season 10.

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  6. Kara says:

    I totally agree! I love Hannah! I think she’s a very interesting character and I’m actually very excited to see her back in S10. I’m concerned she won’t fair well because of Destiel shippers, but I’m really hoping she lasts.

    I actually ship Hannah/Cas. I think they’ll make a cute couple, but apparently I’m in the minority. I don’t see an issue w/ their relationship even if it was incest. (I ship Wincest so heh) I used to ship Megstiel (and still miss Meg!) so I’m happy to see Hannah/Cas even if it’s short lived.


  7. reggie11 says:

    I honestly think that people raising a stink over the supposed incest implications are just disgruntled fans who want Castiel with Dean, and I have no problem with people having preferred ships, but it’s also something that will never happen in canon. Also, angels are not actual brothers and sisters as pointed out. Personally, even though I’m not a big fan of the whole angelic storyline, I’d love to see Cas and Hannah together – I think it could be interesting to see how it develops as romantic love is a very human thing which would allow for some great character development.

    My only issue is the vessel side of things. It makes me extremely uncomfortable for anything possessing a human to have sex; the bodies are not their own. With Ruby/Sam, she was a demon possessing the body of someone whose soul had vacated the premises. That’s not the case with the angels. Although we know Jimmy (Castiel’s host) is dead, who is Hannah possessing? Also, even if the human host is dead, they had to agree to the possession while they were alive. I can’t imagine a person who is pious enough to agree to being possessed by an angel to be even remotely okay for their body to be used this way. Jimmy was a married man who agreed to possession to do God’s work, I can’t see him being okay for his body to be used for the personal pleasure of an angel. Now I know that’s definitely overthinking things but consent, or lack of it, bothers me a lot, and it’s something Supernatural tends to gloss over.


    • theredcolours says:

      Good points, I never even thought about the idea that sex between Angels is against the vessel’s consent. I think that if Cas and Hannah do go there, the writers should make sure that it is appropriate and tentative regarding Hannah’s vessel.


    • GlittersEverywhere says:

      You’re not overthinking things (with vessel consent). Sera Gamble specifically made Ruby an empty vessel so Sam wouldn’t be a rapist (she has mentioned this publicly). Misha Collins acknowledges that the gross Cas/April scene in S9 was the sexual assault of April the Human (he says there was no consent in that scene, and there really wasn’t for Cas or April the Human, only the Reaper possessing her actually consented; and the Reaper was the one person without a body, I’ve seen it called a double noncon two-man threeway). Vessel consent and exploitation is one of the running issues in Supernatural…except when it comes to female vessels being used for sex. Then it’s perfectly okay to violate the woman. Because the writers don’t seem to care at all. They focus in on male vessels being victimized as a bad thing (and it is, don’t think I’m saying it’s not), but if it’s a female vessel being forced to have sex, it’s used for cheap laughs and objectification. Even after all the criticism they got in S9 for ignoring it, they did it all over again in S10. And lashed out at people criticizing it.

      Much of the Hannah/Cas criticism I saw did talk about the consent aspect of it, that Hannah’s vessel Caroline couldn’t consent. Girls Girls Girls was just one normalized sexual assault after another. For Caroline (who couldn’t consent, and was ‘screaming’ inside), for Cas, who turned Hannah down only to have her continue to impose sexual acts upon him (forcing him to be part of assaulting Caroline), and all those women who were forced into prostitution. Robert Berens, who wrote the episode, made several disgusting jokes about all the sexual assault in his episode. When people criticized this and the content of the episode, Berens lashed out and got super whiny about all the people being MEAN to him for saying his episode contained sexual assault that was not dealt with well, or normalized sexual abuse. Except that’s precisely what his episode contained.

      I mean, a MAN had to come and claim Caroline’s body before Hannah even thought of giving her up. Hannah couldn’t decide that Caroline was enough of a reason to free Caroline. No, we had to include a sad husband. It didn’t HAVE to be a hubby, if they wanted an emotional reaction Caroline had to be the catalyst; it could have been her mom, or child, or friend, or wife, it could have been an especially strong sense memory, or Cas and Hannah passing through Caroline’s town she lives in. ANYTHING other than a man calling dibs on her body.


      • Lu says:

        I believe that Caroline was not enough of a reason because she said “yes”. She is the one who let Hannah possess her in the first place. If you say “yes” you are giving your consent.
        Caroline was not screaming because Hannah was possessing her against her will, she was screaming inside because she saw her husband and she missed him, Hannah told Castiel that Caroline was “screaming for him”.
        Moreover, when Hannah decided to go back to Heaven and let Caroline go, she did it for Caroline and Caroline alone, not for her husband.


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