I reviewed the Supernatural Season 11 finale “Alpha and Omega” on Fandom.wikia.com. READ NOW

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3 Responses to Season 11 Finale Review

  1. kevin Lee says:

    How could The darkness and God ever have loved each other?? If God inherently saw wrong in her creations, and turned away from them, he must have seen wrong in The Darkness and wanted to get away from her! please respond 🙂 I love your writing by the way… I would love to talk you over email about this if you are not spammed with like a million other fansI would love to talk over email about this! Thanks


    • theredcolours says:

      I think that it is in Amara’s very nature to destroy and corrupt because she symbolises all the darkness in the world. God understands this and understands that it’s not her fault but that is just what she was made/meant to do. God states that every world he created, Amara would ruin but he couldn’t kill her because he loves her (and the world needs to be balanced with good and bad) so he locked her up instead. Thanks for the comments 🙂


  2. kevin Lee says:

    🙂 just seeing if it posted. There doesn’t seem to be anything here


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