As we’re approaching the chaotic and expensive end of the year (jingle bells, jingle bells🔔), Me and Nick (my lesser half) were trying to come up with cheap or free things to do on a Saturday night and we figured ‘Hey, we have so much alcohol lying around here – why not do a fun drinking game WHILST clearing the house of all the cluttering booze?”

So, basically, that’s what we did.

                   THE RULES:

We decided to each come up with three reasons for the other person to drink A.K.A take a shot. Plus, the bonus was that if we saw any of the characters drinking alcohol we both had to drink.

I assumed that Nick would find picking my reasons quite difficult because he had only watched a measly 2 and a half episodes of Supernatural whereas I am a self-proclaimed expert. However, with a bit of research, Nick chose three reasons that were actually really good and (spoilers) it was a very close competition.

It actually took me longer than Nick to think up my reasons because I kept changing my mind; I wanted to pick ones that were really funny but were also realistically likely to crop up. For example, I had my heart set on making Nick drink “Every time Dean says he’s fine,” but, as you’ll realise by the episodes we chose to watch, this was practically unattainable. This contest was serious and I was determined I could not lose at anything Supernatural themed.

                   THE CONTESTANTS:

Nick got his choices in first so…

             IN THE BLUE CORNER:

me.PNGEVIE  🔊 : (And, yes, that is actually me under the unicorn mask … but then again, how would you know? 🙄)
STRENGTHS: Supernatural trivia
WEAKNESSES: Lager & Vodka
🥃 – Every time Sam or Dean get thrown across the room (Nick thinks it’s hilarious that the boys haven’t suffered brain damage yet)
🥃 – Every time Sam and Dean have a conversation in the Impala (it doesn’t have to be a boy melodrama scene)
🥃 – Every time there is an outside shot of a motel (this happened way more times than I would have guessed)

             AND IN THE RED CORNER:


NICK 💩 :
Playing on his phone instead of concentrating on whatever he’s watching
 – Every time Dean says “Sammy” (I had high hopes for this but it unfortunately let me down)
🥃 – 
Every time Dean says “Son of a Bitch” (I thought having “Every time somebody swears” was a bit too harsh so this one was the next best thing)
🥃 –
Every time Castiel doesn’t understand a reference (this one was hit or miss but it brought it home for me during the final round 👍)

                   THE BOOZE:

The stuff we were taking shots of was a mixture of Tropical Sourz and WKD (because we’re getting a bit older now and I can not longer neck back Sourz like it’s nothing ok that sh*t has got flavourz). 

We then ended up running out of both of those things so we starting shotting the half empty bottle of gross wine we had in the fridge for 3+ months, plus whatever else we could find.

was being sensible and drank plenty of water (stay safe kids 🥛 ) so I didn’t get too hammered, but by the time we got to the final round Nick was drunk enough to feel the need to make a super strong sex on the beach with the leftover vodka that we had in the cupboard and, well, I started sipping that rather than shotting it because dude I ain’t losing my kidneys yet.

                   THE EPISODES:

So, like, it might be obvious from our reasons to drink that we chose to watch three of the weirdest and silliest episode of Supernatural. If we knew we were going to watch more serious pivotal episodes of the show we might of chosen reasons like “Every time the boys sacrifice themselves for each other” or “Every time the boys go to Hell”, but nahhhhh, we wanted a laugh. It was a Saturday.

Remember also – if any character is seen consuming alcohol, both Me and Nick have to drink but these were not scored. We agreed that the winner would be whoever scored/shotted the least overall, (so there wasn’t necessarily a winner for each round).

OK, here we go…

ROUND 1: S05E08 “Changing Channels” – we’re starting off strong


Yes, we went there. This season 5 episode we found was just as dramatic and meaningful as it was funny, with the return of The Trickster who imprisons Sam and Dean in multiple television shows. With such a weird and unique episode, you’d think we wouldn’t be seeing too many shots being necked but oh boy.

Like all of the episodes we watched, the game gets going in the very first scene which is flipping fantastic“Changing Channels” opens with a shot of a bloody motel. 🥃 1x drink for me. I’m off to a great start.

Don’t worry though because a few minutes later Dean, still in that famous first sitcom scene, swears his first “Son of a Bitch” which means 🥃 1x drink for Nick whilst I’m still downing mine. Dean actually goes on to curse his favourite saying 3 more times in “Changing Channels”. Yes!

In terms of the “drinking when they drink” rule, this was way more common than we realised. Like, I knew the boys drunk their fair share of beer, but it felt like it cropped up in moments it didn’t need to be in which was annoyingAs you can see from the picture above, Sam and Dean hold beers together in the bloody opening titles so by this point, 2 minutes 10 seconds into the first episode, me and Nick started to get anxious. After Dean said “Sammy” once, it got to the point where Nick said that he was getting scared every time Dean opened his mouth (which happens a lot).

Throughout the evening we decided that any disputes between what counts as, for example, “talking in the car” or being “thrown across” the room, we came to an agreement that, when in doubt, we would just drink anyway. So…that scene where Dean gets shot in the Grey’s Anatomy-esque hospital drama they get stuck in first, Sam asks for a pen knife and some whiskey to patch Dean up. After me and Nick argued slightly we finally just assumed that Dean drank the whiskey for the pain. So we drank our own “whiskey” 🥃. (Okay, so maybe we’re alcoholics just waiting for a reason.)

This was the point where we ran out of Sourz and WKD – yes it was that quick. On to the old wine.

What’s really, really annoying about this episode was that a portion of the famous sitcom scene gets repeated meaning that we both got to drink 🥃 again for the motel shot and the marvelous “Son of a Bitch” from Dean.

The Trickster shows up again and me and Nick both experienced a near-miss. Castiel gets thrown across the room BUT it’s okay because my rules of drinking every time characters get thrown across the room only apply to Sam and Dean so phew. Nick also had a nice moment when Sam said “Son of a Bitch” for the first time. Typical. Doesn’t count because Dean didn’t say it.

Then Dean gets half-picked up and pushed against the door by Gabriel and, I argued but, Nick said that that counted as being thrown across the room so 🥃 1x drink for me. It kind of went downhill from there really because there were two more, separate scenes, of a motel exterior (🥃 2x) AND Sam and Dean talk in the Impala. Well, Dean talks to the Impala…who is Sam.

Little side note – There was originally only going to be two rounds but Nick said he wanted to watch the, quote, “one where Dean turns into the car”. I corrected him and said “you mean the one where Sam gets turned into the car” and he was all “yeah, yeah, yeah”. It wasn’t until later that I realised that the reason Nick wanted to watch “Changing Channels” so badly was so he could be certain that Sam and Dean would have a conversation in the Impala…because of that one scene where Sam is the Impala.

I did argue this as well! Sam is the car so really they are having a conversation inside of Sam, not inside of the car but, whatever, Nick had his heart set on it so 🥃 1x drink for me.

We laughed for a long while because, as Dean starts to realise that Sam has been turned into the Impala, there’s one shot where the outside of the motel is shown in the background…


I mean come on. We thankfully felt like I didn’t have to drink double for that because that would be just a little too unfair, but I did drink 🥃 again shortly after this scene because Nick argued, after a montage of Dean driving the Impala/Sam, he said that there were two separate scenes of Sam and Dean talking in the car/Sam.


EVIE: 7  🥃 🥃 🥃 🥃 🥃 🥃 🥃
NICK: 5 🥃 🥃 🥃 🥃 🥃

(So, yes, I was losing.)

ROUND 2: S06E15 “The French Mistake” – hell, yes!


Again, an episode where the boys get trapped in a weird and wonderful universe where their lives are a TV show, the shot scores were significantly less than the previous round’s but there actually turned out to be one instant for all 6 of our reasons (plus, three times the boys are seen drinking).

The first of the shots starts similarly to the last episode, in the very first scene! Dean is seen drinking in Bobby’s house so 🥃 great. Also occurring in the opening scene, which I saw coming and was emotionally prepared for, Sam and Dean get thrown through the window into an alternate universe.🥃 1x drink for me.

I also weaseled my way into making Nick take a shot for when Sam and Dean find the actor who plays Castiel, and Dean compares the alternate reality to “Bizarro Earth”. The actor looks confused. I used that as an opportunity to play my “Every time Castiel doesn’t understand a reference” card which might be wrong but I don’t care – it evened the score for me.

Dean manages to squeeze in a “Sammy” and a “Son of a Bitch” in the episode. Hehe 🥃 2x drink for Nick, and then Sam and Dean chat as they attempt to drive off with a prop of the Impala. I did say it wasn’t the real Impala, but Nick drank for fake Castiel to look confused, so I thought I’d let that one go. 🥃 1x drink for me.

Then we both enjoyed some communal drinking when Sam and Dean are shown drinking beer in Jared Padalecki’s house and then Sam is shown drinking more beer in the halls of his house. Later on the boys try and get home and jump through the window again – We agreed this didn’t count as being “thrown” because they jumped of their own volition. However, they do eventually get pulled back through the glass and into their world so 🥃 1x drink for me. I actually had to shot again shortly after that when we realised that the boys had been pulled back to their world through a motel window. I had kept putting it off throughout the episode every time the interior of a motel was shown so it was about time I took a hit.

So, as I already mentioned that each reason to drink cropped up only once in this episode, the second round ended with a tie – with 3 points each.


EVIE: 10  🥃 🥃 🥃 🥃 🥃 🥃 🥃 🥃 🥃 🥃
NICK: 8   🥃 🥃 🥃 🥃 🥃 🥃 🥃 🥃

ROUND 3 – THE FINALE: S08E08 “Hunteri Heroici” – what’s up, doc?


It was all to play for in the final round and I refused to lose against someone who doesn’t even know who Crowley is.

I also had a secret weapon – This episode was rife with Castiel misunderstanding references and IT WOULD BE NICK’S DOWNFALL MUAHAHAHA! 👿

Sam and Dean continued to drink therefore so did we. The boys have beers in the second scene of “Hunteri Heroici”. We then also had trouble with the multiple (and frankly pointless) flashback scenes of Sam and his time with his romantic interest, Amelia. We weren’t interested in the flashbacks but Sam has dinner with Amelia and her dad in one of them and there is wine on the table. We discussed, for probably way too long, whether that meant we should drink. We decided not to because they never touched the wine but we ended up wasting out breaths because in the next flashback the glasses are empty so we thought, screw it, what are we doing with our lives. 🥃🥃 *glug, glug*

During the fight scene near the end of the episode, Dean gets pushed across the room so 🥃 1x drink for me, but that’s okay because Castiel WON IT FOR ME IN THE END!

Dean: That’s straight-up Bugs Bunny.
Castiel: So, we’re looking for some sort of insect-rabbit hybrid.
How do we kill it?

I’ve always loved this episode because it’s rare to see Castiel working so closely with the boys on a case and it’s really funny. Not only that…IT WON ME THE COMPETITION YAY! Castiel misunderstands a total of 4 references in “Hunteri Heroici” which means…


EVIE: 11  🥃 🥃 🥃 🥃 🥃 🥃 🥃 🥃 🥃 🥃 🥃
NICK: 12  🥃 🥃 🥃 🥃 🥃 🥃 🥃 🥃 🥃 🥃 🥃 🥃

Image result for CELEBRATE GIF

Now, I know the contest wasn’t necessarily accurate but who cares, it got rid of three bottles of stuff from out fridge and it was a hell of a lot of fun.

It is the taking part that counts BUT I’M STILL THE QUEEN OF SPN YASSS WOOOO 🎉🎉🎉

So…if you’ve made it all the way to the end of this lengthy post then I salute you. It also means that you are an avid Supernatural fan and therefore may know a few Supernatural fans too.
As it’s getting nearer and nearer to Christmas – I’m here to tell you that THIS is the ULTIMATE present for ANY AND ALL Supernatural fans >>> BUY IT NOW! >>>


If you’re here for the booze, then…no, I can’t help you.

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