Supernatural Season 12 Would You Rather

1. Would you rather be tortured by Lady Bevell or Ketch?
Lady Bevell and Ketch.PNG

2. Would you rather be burned alive by Lucifer, be malled to death by a hellhound or be trapped in a parallel apocalyptic world?
Rowena, Eileen and Mary.PNG

3. Would you rather go hunting with Mary or Claire?
Mary and Claire.PNG

4. Would you rather fight Lucifer possessing Vince Vicente or Lucifer possessing the president?
Vince Vicente and The President.PNG

5. Would you rather be pregnant with Lucifer’s baby or be captured and programmed by the British men of letters?
Kelly and Mary.PNG

6. Would you rather have telepathic powers and be imprisoned by your own family or be part of the banes family (and have magic) but have to watch your mum and sister die?
Magna and The Banes Family.PNG

7. Would you rather be kept in the high security prison on site 94, trapped in Hell with Lucifer or trapped in the locked bunker running out of air?
Site 94, Hell and The Bunker.PNG

8. Would you rather fight with the Colt, a grenade launcher, or angel killing bullets?
Dean and Bobby.PNG

9. Would you rather be bewitched with a memory-loss spell or be bitten by a werewolf?
Claire and Dean.PNG

10. Would you rather live with Crowley in Hell, Jody Mills (with Alex and Claire), Castiel and a pregnant Kelly Kline, Mick and Ketch in the British men of letters, or with Sam and Dean in the bunker?

11. Would you rather save/bring back Mick, Eileen, Rowena, Lady Bevell, Ketch, Crowley, Castiel, Kelly, Lucifer or Mary?

Post your answers! #SPN12WouldYouRather 

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