I’m so glad Lucifer is dead! (+ a little hello from me)

It’s no secret that the villains of Supernatural have gotten worse in recent years, and Lucifer’s character was no exception.


Starting out as a ruthless and terrifying entity who stuck fear into Sam’s soul in Season 5, Lucifer returned in Season 11 as a moody teenager having to face his daddy issues and interact with God. Then we had Season 12 where he struggled to find a body strong enough to keep himself alive, eventually being easily imprisoned by Crowley, and Season 13 where it seemed his only goal was to have a relationship with his son.

Thankfully, the finale of Season 13 ended our suffering as Lucifer was finally killed off. (Although, with Supernatural, nothing is ever really dead.)

With the premiere of Season 14 just around the corner (it airs on Thursday night) I’m really excited to see the new villain, archangel Michael from “Apocalypse World”, take over our screens and I really hope the writers don’t kill him off too soon like they have done with most of the “terrifying” big bads.

As Michael will be possessing Dean, anything could happen. This angel isn’t the same Michael we have seen in previous seasons. Previews for Season 14 suggest this new Michael is going to take over as the king of Hell, but what’s his plan after that? Bring his angel army from “Apocalypse World” to the Winchester’s Earth and rule over humans too?

Whatever happens, I’m sure Jensen’s performance will be stunning which is probably what all of us are mostly excited about.

Personally, I would like a villain who is a mixture of yellow-eyed Azazel’s maliciousness and distorted mindset, Lilith’s creepiness, Abaddon’s fun sexiness, and Amara’s confidence and empowerment.

I’ve got a feeling that the new Michael won’t have all of these traits but I’m intrigued by what is to come from the character.


Hi, there! This is me (with a kangaroo):

IMG_20180205_224031_028.jpg(And no, I don’t live in Australia – I wish! – I live in the UK)

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To celebrate the return of Supernatural Season 14, I have teamed up with Culturess to review every single upcoming episode! Read them here!

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