Season 10 Sneak Peek

There’s a new sneak peak!
(Note: Clip first appeared on Vimeo before it was removed.)
(Photos) (Discussion) (Photos pt 2)

It gives us loads of #spoilers on Demon Dean and Crowley’s bromance, we get to see the character of Cole and there is speculation on Castiel and Hannah becoming closer in Season 10.


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4 Responses to Season 10 Sneak Peek

  1. supernaturallydevoted says:

    I’m curious about this Demon Dean and Crowley bromance. What does Crowley have up his demon sleeve and how will Demon Dean react. I’m sure Crowley will be his usual manipulative self, but will Demon Dean even care? Who is more powerful of the two? Can’t wait for sn10. ~lou

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