Season 10. Episode 2 “Reichenbach” Review

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Okay, so this episode was a massive step up from last week’s which I found very boring and slow. We’ve almost got a three-parter here as the first two episodes have kind of ended on cliff-hangers. (Although it may just seem like cliff hangers because we’re used to the old format where the individual story of the episode is usually wrapped up by the end. The main action doesn’t really carry on across three episodes. I quite like this change but I know that some people want the old routine back, missing the “monster of the week” aspect of the series.)

I am loving Hannah more and more. That scene with Metatron was one of my favourites and my post about Castiel and Hannah has been my most viewed post for weeks so if you guys want me to write more on that then I’d be happy to. I especially want to write more on Hannah in this episode because I felt that her journey really developed, when it was almost going backwards in Season 9. Honestly, it feels like Hannah is a different character this year, which is a bit odd.

Cole seems a bit arrogant but I do like his character. He says that he knows everything because he’s been in the army but then is completely torn down when he fights with Dean, not even knowing about demons and monsters. However, he is smart and brave and, at first I thought the keys falling out of his pocket was a stupid writing move but then it all made sense when you realise that Cole meant for Sam to escape so that he could follow him to Dean. I also think Sam capturing Dean was a bit too easy, considering the fight Dean had just won with Cole.

Crowley and Dean’s relationship is so cute and it’s almost sympathetically relatable in a way. I can think of many people who I used to be very close with but have drifted apart from. I think a lot of fans are really feeling for the king of Hell right now.

thinking about people who used to be your best friend

Metatron! I almost forgot, Metatron hit it right out of the park in this episode. He may have been behind bars the whole time but he had all the power. The threat to Castiel that he would one day escape really made it’s mark and I think that only his character is able to say something like that. He almost makes it sound completely rational that Castiel should let Metatron free now because, somewhere down the line, he will find a way to escape anyway and, as he puts it, “everybody dies”.

Oh and (hopefully the best part for the social justice fighters out there) Dean starts off objectifying women in his first scene as he invades a strippers personal space but strangely is on the woman’s side when he is sent to kill her. Crowley’s orders were to kill this woman because she had cheated on her husband however Dean instead goes for the husband who had pervertedly come to watch her death. When Dean does this the audience is completely on his side as the husband has also confessed to having an affair and being extremely sexist.

This was so amazing to watch. Despite the fact that Demon Dean does seem to act like a jerk around certain women, he understands and has respect for them. This could be because he is possessive and controlling, shown with Ann-Marie in “Black” and sees women as something innocent, naive and to be protected, which is also sexist. (Maybe Dean even fancied the wife to fulfil his own sexual needs which explains why he didn’t want to kill her. He may consider women as a possession, something too precious to chuck away, and other men as competition.) However, it could be something much more humanly rooted in him. I’m not too sure yet but will definitely delve deeper into this later on.

Okay, so that’s me, I’m so annoyed that I can’t watch the episodes live with you but I don’t live in America.

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Happy Hunting x

Check out the trailers for the next episode, directed by our very own Jensen Ackles, Soul Survivor


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