Season 10 Promo – The Best Bits

So, we’re all freaking out a little but d0n’t worry because Supernatural returns in less than 30 days! Woo! You’ve all seen the promo and here is me talking about the best bits…

1. Sam looking through family photos
1 2
You can hear every fan’s heart break as Sam sorrowfully walks into Dean’s cherished, empty room and searches through his personal photos of them and their parents, probably the only photos they ever had. You instantly know that Sam is missing his brother and will do anything he can to get him back, and, in contradiction, Dean’s voice over of “I don’t want to be fixed” turns the knife even more.

2. The First Blade
3 14
I am a big fan of The Mark of Cain/First Blade story line so I’m glad that we just got a hint of Dean using the First Blade. (I think I heard Misha say somewhere that this year the show is very much rooted and centred around the characters and their journey’s rather than the big, mythological story arcs, so that’s probably why the promo was focused so much on Dean and his new altered personality instead of going down the biblical Mark of Cain root.)

3. Crowley’s perfect Hell
4 7
“Think of it: The King of Hell, Dean Winchester by his side. Together we create the perfect Hell.” – We get a look into Crowley’s many great lines in this promo and Mark has a way of delivering them so they sound both creepy and highly purposeful, as well as reminding us that Crowley is a businessman first and a demon second. It is also setting up the Dean and Crowley bromance that we’ll hopefully see a lot of this Season.

4. Dean’s hair
5 13.5
I don’t think I really need to say anything except thank you to the hair and make-up department for contributing to shaping and creating this almost brand new character. I don’t how, but it just works! Dean looks sexy and care-free, and ready to conquer the world with his new full, floppy locks, brushed to perfection.

5. Badass Dean
8 9
It is so attractive and yet so scary when Dean is shown beating the hell out of multiple strangers who we don’t know yet. He is seen killing one man with The First Blade, and then beating up another figure on CCTV footage. Even Crowley seems reserved as he watches from the sidelines as Dean starts another fight in public. Is the King of Hell regretting his actions? Or maybe he’s concerned about how bad this Dean is really getting?
5.5 6

6. “Where’s the porn?
11 10
I guess we fans do need a little comedy to help break up all the doses of sadness. Sam, very seriously, asks if Dean had said anything to a certain witness and gets an unusual response. The fact that Dean is committing all these atrocities simply for booze and fornication does make it a little bit more light-hearted. I’m even glad that Dean is finally happy and free to let loose…although he could be a little bit kinder to those he meets on the way. Shirtless Dean then instantly appears for this comic relief, whilst in bed with a woman, giving an insincere “Oops“…
                                          7. Shirtless Dean
12                                           Hmmm, muscles…

…and last but not least…

8. Karaoke Nite: Dean’s too sexy
15 16
Dean, drunk and looking for fun (or chaos) annoys everybody in the bar with his rendition of “I’m Too Sexy”.
I can’t wait for Season 10.

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