Season 10 Promo Transcipt

Dean: Sam, I know you think you’re going to try to fix me, but maybe I don’t want to be fixed.

Female Demon: A Winchester, one of us?
Sam: Where’s my brother?

Crowley: Think of it: The King of Hell, Dean Winchester by his side. Together we create the perfect Hell.

Sam: Did he say anything?
Shop Worker: Where’s the porn?
Dean: Oops

Castiel: He’s not your brother. At least, not now.

Crowley: The only demon inside of Dean is his.

Dean: Sammy! You can blame yourself for me getting loose.
Sam: I don’t want to use this blade on you!

Crowley: Talk about road kill.

Dean: I like the disease.

Dean: (singing karaoke) I’m too sexy for my love, too sexy for my love!


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