Day 29: Favourite female character-centric fanfic / RANDOM RAMBLE

Okay, so I don’t think I can answer this one because I don’t really read that much fanfiction and the stuff that I do read is very Sam and Dean centric. Basically, I write more than I read.

I hate missing one out when we’re so close to the end (only one more day to go!) but instead I’m just going to go on a random ramble for a bit…

So, fun fact: When I was planning out this challenge I wrote down as many women I could remember off the top of my head and just referred to that list every day. I worked out that out of the 55 female characters that I could recall from the show, 32 of them are definitely dead, (and on 26, of those 32 deaths, we see their death scene, or at least part of it). Although it can be assumed that Layla also passed away and, vise versa, we don’t actually see Bela get killed and dragged to Hell so it may be an inaccurate number.

Additionally, throughout the whole 30 days I did not mention Amelia Richardson, Sam’s love interest in Season 8 who starred in most of his flashbacks, Daphne Allen, Castiel/Emmanuel’s wife in 7.17 “The Born-Again Identity”, Sheriff Donna Hanscum, who appeared in 9.13 “The Purge”, Suzy Lee, the porn star from 9.08 “Rock and a Hard Place” or Angels Rachel (6.18 “Frontierland”, 6.20 “The Man Who Would Be King”), Hester (7.21 “Reading is Fundamental”) and Hael (9.01 “I Think I’m Gonna Like It Here”). Personally, I really didn’t like the Amelia and Sam storyline which is why I didn’t mention her character at all and obviously Emmanuel’s wife was completely underdeveloped, however I did like Sheriff Donna Hanscum and Suzy but I just didn’t think that they fit in any of the categories. I know that there are other females that I have forgotten about but these are the ones that obviously stood out to me as I remembered their stories. Then there’s the fact that I can probably remember the females that appeared in the last season better than the female characters from years ago.

I mentioned them just now, but Rachel and Hael are both murdered by Castiel who also kills quite a few of his other Angel siblings, as well as the vampire Lenore in 7.19 “Mommy Dearest”. In fact, 22 out of the 32 woman characters who have died were murdered by a single male figure, with Lilith, Meg and Abaddon being the only females to kill another prominent female character, (Lilith killing Nancy Fitzgerald in 3.12 “Jus in Belo”, Meg killing the Angel Hester in 7.21 “Reading is Fundamental” and Abaddon killing the Demon Cecily in 9.10 “Road Trip”). The remaining 6 characters were killed by other means, however Kate Milligan was actually killed and eaten by both male and female ghouls.

One of my favourite characters, Jo Harvelle, died from Hellhound wounds which was probably what happened to Bela Talbot as well although we don’t actually see it happen. Jo’s mum, Ellen, dies soon after her daughter by blowing up the remaining Hellhounds with a bomb, committing noble suicide.

I’m going to move onto Dean, who must have killed the majority of the woman on my list: Over the years, he has killed Eve, Demons Ruby and Abaddon, and Reapers April and Tessa whereas for Sam I only have him down as killing Lilith and werewolf Madison, (however you could say he helped out a lot when Dean killed Ruby). Dean also technically kills his cousin Gwen Campbell but he was possessed by the Khan Worm at the time. (So I’m saying that Gwen was killed by the Khan Worm, but people may disagree with me and say that Dean killed her or even Eve as she was the one who created and ordered the Worm to kill, but didn’t physically carry it out herself.)

In terms of villains, the evil Demon Azazel kills three women (Deanna Campbell, Mary Winchester and Jessica Moore), Crowley kills Meg with an Angel blade and Sarah Blake with a hex bag, Metatron kills Naomi and the Archangel Michael kills Anna.

Pamela Barnes and Tara are both killed by a male Demon, the Angel Muriel is killed by a male Angel, Annie Hawkins is killed by a male ghost, and Molly McNamara, even though she technically died due to a car crash, was tortured for years after her death by another male ghost. Similar to the ‘non-supernatural’ death of a car accident, Layla Rourke presumingly died because of an inoperational brain tumor, and Ava was killed by Jake Tulley which was sort of justified because she was murdering a lot of people.

So, I think you can see the pattern that many of the female characters are brutally murdered by men, even if they are innocent. I can understand the deaths of antagonists like Lilith, Eve and Abaddon but Sarah, Pamela, Annie, Muriel, Lenore, Tara (and even Meg a little bit) were all unjustly killed by male figures.

Anyway, female characters who are still currently alive (that we know of) include Angel Hannah, Werewolves Kate, Bess and Violet, Lisa Braedon, Sheriff Jody Mills and Donna Hanscum, Annie Jones, Hunters Krissy Chambers and Tracy Bell, Becky Rosen, Charlie Bradbury, Amelia and Claire Novak, Linda Tran, Missouri Moseley, Cassie Robinson, Marin, Dorothy, Kali, Suzy Lee, Daphne Allen and Amelia Richardson.

So, with the last day of the challenge tomorrow, let’s look back at the past 28 days…

Day 1: Favourite female character who’s been in more than one episode
Jo Harvelle
(mentioned characters: Abaddon)
ftfans 1. Jo

Day 2: Favourite one-off character
Nancy Fitzgerald (mentioned characters: Molly, Layla, Marin)
ftfans 2. Nancy

Day 3: Favourite human character
Lisa Braeden (mentioned characters: Charlie, Sarah)
ftfans 3. Lisa

Day 4: Favourite non-human character
(mentioned characters: Abaddon, Eve, Madison, Kate, Bess, Violet, Naomi, Hannah)
ftfans 4. Anna

Day 5: Favourite ally character
(mentioned characters: Sarah)
ftfans 5. Meg

Day 6: Favourite antagonist
(mentioned characters: Eve, Lilith)
ftfans 6. Abaddon

Day 7: Favourite older character
(mentioned characters: Annie Hawkins)
ftfans 7. Tara

Day 8: Favourite mother character
Ellen Harvelle
(mentioned characters: Mary, Deanna, Linda, Lisa, Jody, Amelia and Claire Novak, Kate Milligan, Eve)
ftfans 8. Ellen
Day 9: Favourite character introduction scene
Ruby [
1.0] (mentioned characters: Becky, Tracy, Eve)
ftfans 9. Ruby

Day 10: Favourite character arc
Bela Talbot
(mentioned characters: Mary, Ava, Anna)
ftfans 10. Bela

Day 11: Character with the best dialogue lines and/or favourite quote by a female character
(mentioned characters: Ruby, Abaddon)
ftfans 11. Eve

Day 12: The most badass fighter character
(mentioned characters: Ruby, Abaddon)
ftfans 12. Kali

Day 13: The most badass non-fighter character
Charlie Bradbury
(mentioned characters: Eve, Linda)
ftfans 13. Charlie

Day 14: Character who deserves their own spin-off
(mentioned characters: Jody, Annie, Charlie, Dorothy)
ftfans 14. Kate

Day 15: Character you wish were still alive
(mentioned characters: Abaddon, Eve, Lenore, Tessa, April)
ftfans 15. Muriel

Day 16: Character you most want to reappear
Krissy Chambers
(mentioned characters: Bela, Annie, Tracy)
ftfans 16. Krissy

Day 17: Character with most wasted potential
Missouri Moseley
(mentioned characters: Cassie)
ftfans 17. Missouri

Day 18: Character the most screwed over by the writers
(mentioned characters: Jessica)
ftfans 18. Pamela

Day 19: Character you most relate to
(mentioned characters: Jo, Bela)
ftfans 19. Madison

Day 20: Character you aspire to be like
Mary Winchester
(mentioned characters: Bela, Jo, Meg)
ftfans 20. Mary

Day 21: Favourite femslash ship
ftfans 21. Ruby and Meg

Day 22: Favourite het ship
ftfans. 22. Abaddon and Dean

Day 23: Favourite canon friendship/family relationship
Jody Mills
&Annie Jones (mentioned characters:Ellen&Jo)
23. Jody and Annie

Day 24: The friendship/family relationship the show dropped the ball on
&Deanna Campbell (mentioned characters: Gwen Campbell)
24. Deanna and Mary

Day 25: Two characters you wish had met
1.0]&Bela Talbot
25. Ruby and Bela

Day 26: Non-romantic relationship you wish had been explored
Jo Harvelle
&Anna (mentioned characters: Krissy&Annie)
26. Jo and Anna

Day 27: Your headcanon friend ship?
27. Lilith and Ruby

Day 28: Favourite episode that majorly features a female character
(mentioned characters: Mary, Becky)
28. Tessa and In My Time of Dying


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