Day 14: Character who deserves their own spin-off

30 Days of Supernatural Women

Initially I felt that a Sheriff Jody Mills spin-off would be cool, but only if it included her new adopted daughter Annie/Alex because I just don’t think that Jody’s character is interesting enough to carry a whole show by herself.

Additionally, after 9.04 “Slumber Party”, I really liked Charlie and Dorothy’s relationship. However, I think that having a spin-off set in The Land of Oz could either have a lot of potential or feel very fake, unrealistic or unrelatable.

I don’t know if this counts because they kind of already tried to do it with “Bloodlines” but I would want a spin-off based around Kate, the werewolf who appeared in 8.03 “Bitten”. I really want to find out what she is doing and I think that a monster spin-off, which is what they tried to do with “Bloodlines”, is the best way forward because it’s a look at the Supernatural universe from a completely different perspective.

BeFunky_Tintype_3.jpg KATE BeFunky_Chromatic_1.jpg KATE

Having a monster themed spin-off means that we would feel sympathy for the characters as they are not the most powerful beings but are still different and are hunted down because of it, and it is sometimes not even their fault. Kate is one of these monsters who didn’t choose to become a werewolf and is just trying to fit into society and do the best she can morally. She didn’t ask or want to be a monster which, I think, would make her spin-off even more intriguing and new. It’s not a spin-off based around Angels and Demons who are not very relatable and don’t really have that self-hatred that monsters might have, or around ghosts because that would just be morbid. I’m telling you, a monster based spin-off is the way forward and Kate is not only alive but her story is very much left open at the end of her episode. I for one want to know what happens next.

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