In Pictures – 30 Days of Supernatural Women

Day 1: Favourite female character who’s been in more than one episode
Jo Harvelle
(mentioned characters: Abaddon)
ftfans 1. Jo

Day 2: Favourite one-off character
Nancy Fitzgerald (mentioned characters: Molly, Layla, Marin)
ftfans 2. Nancy

Day 3: Favourite human character
Lisa Braeden (mentioned characters: Charlie, Sarah)
ftfans 3. Lisa

Day 4: Favourite non-human character
(mentioned characters: Abaddon, Eve, Madison, Kate, Bess, Violet, Naomi, Hannah)
ftfans 4. Anna

Day 5: Favourite ally character
(mentioned characters: Sarah)
ftfans 5. Meg

Day 6: Favourite antagonist
(mentioned characters: Eve, Lilith)
ftfans 6. Abaddon

Day 7: Favourite older character
(mentioned characters: Annie Hawkins)
ftfans 7. Tara

Day 8: Favourite mother character
Ellen Harvelle
(mentioned characters: Mary, Deanna, Linda, Lisa, Jody, Amelia and Claire Novak, Kate Milligan, Eve)
ftfans 8. Ellen
Day 9: Favourite character introduction scene
Ruby [
1.0] (mentioned characters: Becky, Tracy, Eve)
ftfans 9. Ruby

Day 10: Favourite character arc
Bela Talbot
(mentioned characters: Mary, Ava, Anna)
ftfans 10. Bela

Day 11: Character with the best dialogue lines and/or favourite quote by a female character
(mentioned characters: Ruby, Abaddon)
ftfans 11. Eve

Day 12: The most badass fighter character
(mentioned characters: Ruby, Abaddon)
ftfans 12. Kali

Day 13: The most badass non-fighter character
Charlie Bradbury
(mentioned characters: Eve, Linda)
ftfans 13. Charlie

Day 14: Character who deserves their own spin-off
(mentioned characters: Jody, Annie, Charlie, Dorothy)
ftfans 14. Kate

Day 15: Character you wish were still alive
(mentioned characters: Abaddon, Eve, Lenore, Tessa, April)
ftfans 15. Muriel

Day 16: Character you most want to reappear
Krissy Chambers
(mentioned characters: Bela, Annie, Tracy)
ftfans 16. Krissy

Day 17: Character with most wasted potential
Missouri Moseley
(mentioned characters: Cassie)
ftfans 17. Missouri

Day 18: Character the most screwed over by the writers
(mentioned characters: Jessica)
ftfans 18. Pamela

Day 19: Character you most relate to
(mentioned characters: Jo, Bela)
ftfans 19. Madison

Day 20: Character you aspire to be like
Mary Winchester
(mentioned characters: Bela, Jo, Meg)
ftfans 20. Mary

Day 21: Favourite femslash ship
ftfans 21. Ruby and Meg

Day 22: Favourite het ship
ftfans. 22. Abaddon and Dean

Day 23: Favourite canon friendship/family relationship
Jody Mills
&Annie Jones (mentioned characters:Ellen&Jo)
23. Jody and Annie

Day 24: The friendship/family relationship the show dropped the ball on
&Deanna Campbell (mentioned characters: Gwen Campbell)
24. Deanna and Mary

Day 25: Two characters you wish had met
1.0]&Bela Talbot
25. Ruby and Bela

Day 26: Non-romantic relationship you wish had been explored
Jo Harvelle
&Anna (mentioned characters: Krissy&Annie)
26. Jo and Anna

Day 27: Your headcanon friend ship?
27. Lilith and Ruby

Day 28: Favourite episode that majorly features a female character
(mentioned characters: Mary, Becky)
28. Tessa and In My Time of Dying


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