Day 20: Character you aspire to be like

30 Days of Supernatural Women

I have always been inspired by Jo and Bela for being such strong, confident women and a little bit by Meg as well because she always had her own back and took care of herself which I think is very important.

However, thinking about it now, I think I’ll have to say that I am most inspired by Mary Winchester, Sam and Dean’s mum. Even though she dies in the first scene of the first episode of the show, we get so much information on her backstory and character over the years that it truly forms a very independent woman.

20. Mary 3 20. Mary 4

It’s most inspiring that she starts out (with a probably rough and unconventional childhood being raised in the hunter lifestyle) as a brave and courageous hunter but decides to get away from that life for her family and children. She sacrifices so much for Sam and Dean before they were even born and, after dying for them, continues to give them hope, as well as saving their life in 1.09 “Home” when she is a ghost (which is also the last chronological appearance of her character in the show).

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