Day 23: Favourite canon friendship/family relationship

30 Days of Supernatural Women

As I’ve probably mentioned countless times, I really love the recently formed mother-daughter bond that Sheriff Jody Mills has achieved with Annie Jones.

23. Jody and Annie

Although anyone and everyone, including me, loves Ellen and Jo’s relationship, Jody and Annie are my favourite purely because these two women are not related by blood but the fact that they’ve both been through so much is what makes their relationship so great. It starts out strained and complicated at first but then it strengthens.

I also think that it partially mirrors Sam and Dean’s relationship because they are brothers by experience as well as blood. Additionally, it perfectly captures one of the running themes and messages of Supernatural which is that family doesn’t always mean blood. This is shown through characters such as Bobby, Castiel and Kevin who are not related but make a big impact on the boys and are therefore passionately considered family.

Even though Jody and Annie’s relationship was only shown through one episode (9.19 “Alex, Annie, Alexis Ann”), I really connected with them both and hopefully they’re going to have a future as a family.

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