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Alex & Claire are the female Sam & Dean

When I first watched 11.12 “Don’t You Forget About Me” I was too engrossed with how epic the episode was, that I didn’t immediately catch on to the obvious resemblance between Sheriff Jody Mills’ adopted daughters, Claire Novak and Alex Jones, and the Winchester brothers themselves. However, now I will highlight just how similar the sets of siblings are and how this would make a Wayward Daughters spin-off so amazing.

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Alex = Sam

We were first introduced to Alex in Season 9’s episode “Alex Annie Alexis Ann” whereby Alex was a blood slave for a nest of vampires. The vamps fed on her blood when they were hungry and used her sexuality and innocence to lure other prey and victims to the nest. The more I look into her situation the more it’s clear how similar Alex is to Sam. Sam has also been manipulated in the past by demons and other characters due to his naivety, loyalty and trusting attitude, the most memorable of these being the demon Ruby. He’s also done terrible things like becoming addicted to demon blood and being possessed by Lucifer. In addition, Sam has always been a character to feel intense guilt from these past evil things he has done. Similarly, Alex showed that she also holds the weight of her past decisions in this week’s episode as she talks about how she had done things she’s not proud of by helping to kill innocent people. There’s obvious regret and guilt there.

Furthermore, at the end of the episode Alex explains how she might be forced to move on from living with Claire and Jody because they are hunters and she doesn’t want to be around monsters or hunting. This is reminiscent of Season 1 when Sam expresses that he is adamant that he wants to quit the family business and the hunting lifestyle in search of a normal life. At this point, Sam was studying to be a lawyer in college, showing his passion for education. This is similar to Alex’s attitude towards school as she is shown attending every class, being friendly with the maths teacher, wanting to get to school early for a test, and she participates in the school’s sport’s teams. In previous flashbacks, we know that Sam also loved attending school, was intelligent and friends with teachers, despite having to move schools so often due to his dad hunting.

Both Sam and Alex have seen how hunting can ruin lives, as Sam lost his mum and girlfriend to demons and Alex was kidnapped by vampires and brainwashed into loving them like a family only to watch them get killed as well; they both cleverly chose to stay away from monsters and stick to studying. This week’s episode also revealed that Alex’s boyfriend, Henry, was actually a vampire and was only dating her to help get revenge for the vampire who was turned after Alex lured him to her vamp family when she was younger. Alex’s own past came back to haunt her in the form of a relationship ending in death. I found this was very similar to when Sam saw his girlfriend, Jess, get killed by a demon. We also discover in Season 5 that Sam and Jess’s relationship was actually planned and set up by demons from the beginning, just like how Alex’s relationship with Henry was faked by vampires. Therefore Sam and Alex’s involvement and interaction with the supernatural led to Jess and Henry’s death, as Henry was killed by Claire. Sam and Alex wouldn’t even have had partners to loose if it wasn’t for their dark history with monsters and hunting.


Then there’s the idea that both Sam and Alex feel like they don’t fit in and are freaks. Sam has always been different and in one episode we learn that Sam felt embarrassed at school by how strong he was (a result of the hunter training his dad put him through). Alex, having been brought up by vampires, also has the same feelings of being an outcast as she is not used to normal people. This was much more evident in Season 9 when Alex appeared to have no social skills or empathy when talking with Jody. In this episode, however, she is shown to be a lot more sociable and popular in school. Although, Henry does reveal that, before he started dating Alex, she was a weird girl who had no friends, therefore it can be assumed that Alex only obtained knowledge of these societal norms and gained popularity because she was dating the most popular guy in school.

Finally, Sam’s the younger brother and I have assumed that Alex is also younger than Claire. We know that Claire is 18 years old. When we are first introduced to Alex in Season 9, Jody explains how she was reported missing in 2006, and the missing person poster showed quite a young child which I would suggest would have been aged between 4-6 years. It has been mentioned a couple of times on the show that Alex was with the vampire nest for 8 years. Therefore, I felt that in the Season 9 episode, Alex was about 15 years old, making her 16 or 17 now. So, there’s not much of an age difference between Claire and Alex but it is there. In all honesty, I did feel that Alex was much older than Claire but this seems less obvious in the episode seeing as Alex is still in High School and Claire is in College. I think my initial assumption that Alex was the older of the two is understandable and also relatable to Sam and Dean as Sam (as well as being taller) does sometimes come across as the older brother. Both Sam and Alex appear mature, responsible, serious and more intelligent; the brains and wisdom behind it all.

Claire = Dean

On to Claire now and it’s a well-known fact that Dean has a stronger relationship with her than Sam has. Could this be because he sees the same careless, vengeful attitude that he has in her? This episode shows that Dean still isn’t finished with giving Claire advice on how to act sensitive and sensible. It’s such a great scene when Dean tells it like it is, telling Claire to appreciate and respect Jody for all she has done for her. Unlike Sam and Alex who are more introverted and quiet and who definitely think before doing, Claire and Dean both go in guns blazing and actually seek out hunting.

Like Alex, Claire also knows how the supernatural can ruin lives, as her father was possessed by an angel when she was younger. After her mother also abandoned her, Claire is left to fend for herself and realises that the only way to fight fire is with fire. As a child, Dean also had to learn to take care of himself whilst his dad was hunting and learn to look after baby Sammy as well. Instead of dealing with his mum’s death like Sam who would rather stay away from hunting, Dean instead goes head first into killing monsters and demons in revenge for everything he’s lost. In this episode, Claire replicates Dean’s attitude as she desperately searches for any signs of evil to hunt down and kill.

Then we have school and it’s obvious that Claire doesn’t agree with it. We know that Dean also never really paid that much attention in school and skipped class to make out with girls. In this episode, Claire is also missing out on the College that Jody got her enrolled at because she doesn’t like it and spends her time looking for monsters instead. It sounds just like something Dean would have done at that age, as he has always put the family business before his education in fear of disappointing his father.

Both Dean and Claire were also a lot older than Sam or Alex when they lost their parents meaning that, at one time, they did have a taste of a normal life and a happy family before it was taken from them. For Sam and Alex, it may not have been like that; Alex probably can’t even remember her real parents and Sam was only a baby when his mum died. Therefore, it’s clear that this is the reason both Sam and Alex strive for a normal life because they have never really had the chance to have one before. Both Dean and Claire are also confident, secure, extroverted, and not afraid to say what they think.


Discussing the actual relationship between Claire and Alex, it’s safe to say that for the majority of the episode the girls seem to hate each other. It’s inevitable that this would happen as the girls are so different and want different things, apparent when we see Sam and Dean fight so often. However, by the end of the episode, after Claire helps Alex get revenge by chopping Henry’s head off, they seem to be on good, peaceful terms. Similar to how Dean will continue to save Sam no matter what, I do feel like Claire has the strength and courage to do the same for Alex. There’s also a moment in the episode where Alex is willing to give herself up as a blood slave to the vampires to save Claire. Being a blood slave for a nest of vampires was probably the worst thing that happened to Alex and literally ruined her childhood, and yet she was willing to do it all again for Claire. Going back to past seasons, Sam also practised this act of sacrifice by giving himself up to Lucifer and being trapped in Hell so that Dean and the rest of the world would live.

Another highlight of the episode was seeing how both brothers have missed a normal day in the life of a normal family. When Jody cooks them a meal, they dig right in, relishing in the luxury that a hunter lifestyle would never allow them. It’s obvious that the Winchester’s see themselves reflected in Alex and Claire, and I really hope this is the spin-off we’ve all been waiting for. In theory, it would be perfect as the formula of two siblings fighting monsters together has kept Supernatural going for 11 years! Imagine how great a female version would be.

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11.10 “The Devil in the Details” Screen Caps

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– from my article The Lucifer!Cas ending scene was better than the entire episode
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Claire+Alex Edit: “daughters of angels & vampires”



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Rowena + Lucifer!Cas Photo Edit


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The Lucifer!Cas ending scene was better than the entire episode

There were loads of things I found boring and almost repetitive from this weeks episode, 11.10 “The Devil in the Details”, but I’m going to let it slide, and only talk about them for a little bit, because Lucifer possessing Castiel’s vessel is probably the best thing the writer’s have done since Demon Dean.


Let’s get the negatives out of the way first and say that for the majority of the episode I was incredibly bored. I felt that a lot of the story was pointless in all honesty; Lucifer taking Sam through his memories (literally showing us scenes we have already seen before just to fill time), Dean, Crowley and Rowena working together in Hell, the surprising (but not-so-surprising) return of Amara, and just regurgitated plot devices we’ve already seen a hundred times before. However, the ending scene literally made it all worth it.

Lucifer!Cas: The Scene

So, after Sam, Dean and Cas appear to just stroll out of Lucifer’s cage, after believing Rowena’s spell restrained Lucifer, the Winchester’s head home. At this point, Castiel seems like his usual social-awkward, robotic self. Dean expresses his concern for the angel to which Cas replies “I think [I’m okay]. I will be.” In hindsight, this is Lucifer replying that he will be okay because he’s out of the cage now, and ready to begin whatever plans he has brewing for Earth and Hell. In the car, Sam appears to be even more worried about Cas (rightly so), however Dean shakes it off, putting it down to the “tough day”. We then have the brothers discussing whether they should have freed Lucifer and Dean speaks sense by disagreeing and stating that both The Darkness and Lucifer on Earth would have been a “nightmare”. Eh oh.


We then have such an amazing short scene between Rowena and Crowley whereby it’s finally explained why Rowena has so much hatred for her son. With his mother under his control in a witch catcher, Crowley asks simply “Why do you hate me?” and we learn a lot about Rowena’s past and who she was before she became a witch. We find out that Crowley’s father was married to another woman and left Rowena, “half-dead” after labour, to raise him by herself. Rowena also reveals that, before performing magic, she was a “tanner’s daughter”, and smelled like “filth and death”. Rowena reveals that she sees her younger self in Crowley; a weak nobody, and also hates him because, if she didn’t hate him, she would love him and love is weakness. “I will never be weak again” she finishes with. I thought this was amazing writing and contrasts brilliantly with the following events as Rowena obviously adores and worships Lucifer, almost like love, which ultimately makes her weak (something she swore she would never be) and she is betrayed and killed by Lucifer himself. Although I didn’t want Rowena to be killed off as I loved her character, I did enjoy her departure because of this scene and the irony behind it. I did feel that Rowena had a good send off because we finally get to see her past struggles and the reason behind her withdrawn and distasteful attitude to Crowley.


Then along comes Castiel, looking just a little different as the blood and bruises he accumulated from the fight in the cage have cleared up. Crowley has no idea who it really is but there’s a tiny spark of hope in Rowena’s eyes. Cas then smiles, relaxes and then we see the Lucifer-isms coming through as he gets rid of the rigid posture of Castiel and slumps, putting his hands in his pockets. It’s at this point, we all want to scream because we know what’s coming and Rowena confirms it. LUCIFER’s BACK! We then get a small flashback to the cage whereby Castiel gives up his vessel in hope that Lucifer will stop Amara. The burst of light from this arrangement, reminiscent of angel possession, was assumed by Sam and Dean to have been Rowena’s spell to restrain Lucifer. The Winchesters have fought enough angels to really have known this was a possession but you can’t blame them for wanting to believe they had outwitted the devil.


Now, many fans are pondering over just why Castiel succumbed to Lucifer, with the majority opting for Castiel feeling expendable, which was a thought initiated by a fellow angel earlier on in the episode. The angel, Ambriel, tells Cas that, after hearing stories about him, believed he wasn’t the hero like Sam and Dean but more so the sacrifice, or the expendable third-wheel. Now, you can interpret this to mean that Cas realised that he was just a soldier and therefore felt his own life was not important and let Lucifer take his body, sparing Sam from becoming his vessel, or you may believe that Cas wanted to be seen as a hero and impress people and so sacrificed his body to create a name for himself. In my opinion, these are all valuable factors in Cas’s decision however I feel that the most important aspect was actually Cas meeting Amara in this episode.

After all of the thousands of angels in Heaven smited Amara, Castiel sees her absorb Ambriel’s soul and literally turn night into day returning to (almost) full strength. Castiel is forced to deliver a message when Amara burns writing into his chest and transports him to the gates of Hell. Castiel was the only one in the episode to have seen Amara’s full power after she was struck down with such force, unlike Sam, Dean, Crowley or Rowena. Castiel knows better than anyone the power of Heaven and seeing Amara survive that and still show so much strength probably put things in perspective for him. Whilst the Winchesters worried about Lucifer, Cas saw what Amara could do and that’s why he was the only one in the cage who had the motivation to say yes and turn to Lucifer for help. Maybe it was the wrong thing to do, but Castiel, after being attacked by The Darkness herself, and probably terrified, believed there was no other choice. “Can you really beat her?” was Castiel’s last words before agreeing, it’s obvious that he wants an end to Amara and that’s his focus, not the Winchester’s safety or his own reputation but Amara and the protection of Earth.


“I’m back, baby!” Lucifer announces and Rowena is thrilled. She is easily seduced by Lucifer!Cas, becoming the “weak” girl she spoke about at the beginning of the scene. I would have loved to have seen a heated relationship between Rowena and Lucifer during the rest of the season, but obviously Lucifer had to make sure he couldn’t be trapped in the cage once again and actively carries out his “snapping necks” occupation he mentioned earlier by murdering Rowena. With the witch dead, the hopes of getting the cage open reduces. Lucifer makes sure of this by asking Rowena before killing her “Can anyone else open the cage?”, receiving the reply “Just me”. Even Crowley flinches when he sees his helpless mother on the floor with her face on the wrong way.


I’m sure Rowena isn’t the only one who can open the cage and it’s probable that Rowena only said that to appear superior and important. However, Rowena’s crush on the Devil was short-lived (literally) and the scene ends with Crowley at the feet of Lucifer himself at the beginning of a “chat” or the plotting to destroy The Darkness, and probably the world along with her. Will Lucifer keep Crowley prisoner in Hell? Probably but, more importantly, watching the promo for the next episode is getting me all excited to see how Lucifer blends in with the Winchesters, incognito as the clumsy, awkward Cas. I’m looking forward to watching Misha take on yet another antagonist role. Over the years, we’ve seen him play a traitorous Castiel working with Crowley, an omniscient dark God-like character, a Leviathan and an uncontrollable attack-dog at the beginning of this season but this is something else all together as we’re getting Lucifer, the fan-favourite villain for his sarcasm and craziness, in Castiel’s body. I can’t wait.


There is a part of me which is incredibly worried that the writers will abandon this Lucifer!Cas storyline sooner than they should, a trait of theirs and a repeat of last year’s Demon!Dean fiasco and all the other times they created stories and characters with massive potential and failed miserably.

Obviously, there are other points to make about the episode such as: Where the f*ck was Michael and Adam? and Why is Billie, the reaper, even working for Crowley? and How did Sam, Dean and Castiel get out of the cage? However, I am willing to forget these plot holes in appreciation for Lucifer!Cas and his future in the rest of the season.

Watch the promo for next week’s episode!


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6 Questions Begging to be Asked about God’s Sister A.K.A The Darkness

We learnt from last week’s episode, “Our Little World”, that The Darkness is God’s sister, which was a huge plot twist and an incredible turning point in the show. So, I’m here to talk about what this reveal could mean for Amara/The Darkness and what it meant regarding the creation of the universe.


Question 1. Who knew that Amara was God’s sister and why didn’t anyone know? Is there any more secrets to the pre-biblical story?

We can deduce that God and Amara’s relationship was pretty much unknown by almost everyone. Although the archangels may have known the truth, regular demons and angels, including Crowley and Castiel, always believed The Darkness to be a myth anyway and had no idea God and Amara were related. This is probably due to the fact that The Darkness was defeated before angels, demons and humans were even created so the story may have died out, and lost aspects of the truth.

I find it strange that Death never mentioned God’s relationship with The Darkness last season when he first introduced Sam and Dean to her. Being older than God, and probably The Darkness as well, he must have definitely known that they were siblings because he was there when they battled one another. Maybe Death thought the information was unimportant and so didn’t reveal it to the Winchesters. He may also have kept it a secret as a promise to God. After all, God tricked his own sister into imprisonment so probably didn’t want anyone to know.

This is another explanation to why their relationship was unknown by everyone; God may have forbid his archangels, and Death, to ever reveal the truth or mention their battle to anyone. This explains why The Darkness turned into just a fiction story, because the archangels hardly ever talked about it. God may have wanted to present himself as all-loving to his angels and creations. Revealing that he trapped is own sister may have jeopardised that, causing his children to turn against him for his sins and lies. Keeping his genetic relationship with The Darkness a secret would disassociate himself from her. He may have believed people would not trust him, follow him or follow his orders if they knew that he was related to such evil. Another suggestion is that God never revealed the truth, or spoke about it much, because it was a sad or traumatic experience for him to turn against his own sister. He may have regretted battling her, or just simply didn’t want his followers to see him as an uncaring monster.

Also, at the time Death first spoke of The Darkness, he was trying to warn Sam and Dean of the danger of meddling with The Mark of Cain, as it could release her. Associating her with God may have presented Amara as less of an evil threat, causing Sam and Dean not to take the threat seriously. Death first presents The Darkness as an immoral force as he explains how God had to fight it back with his archangels, so mentioning her relation to God may have discredited all of that.

In last week’s episode Metatron was the character who revealed Amara was God’s sister so it’s obvious that he knew the truth. Metatron explained how God merely mentioned it whilst he was having his word being written down onto tablets, with Metatron as the scribe. As no other angels knew this information, it suggests that God must have trusted Metatron massively to keep his secret. That is unless God accidentally revealed the truth of The Darkness. Metatron does explain that the information was given to him because God “let slip a few choice words” which implies that God accidentally said too much. Furthermore, The Darkness being related to God is not on any word of God tablets that we know of, and hardly anybody knew this information, so this supports the idea that maybe the secret was merely mentioned and glossed over in a small chat between God and Metatron, and wasn’t intended to be written down and recorded to be read by others.

So we know for certain that Metatron knows that Amara is God’s sister and I also think Death had to have known as well. It is implied that it was just Death, Amara and God at one point, before anything else was created, so Death had to be a fool not to have known their relationship. However, the archangels (Michael, Lucifer, Gabriel and Raphael) didn’t have to have known who The Darkness was in order to help God fight her back and imprison her. Although it is more likely that they were told the truth, this has not been completely confirmed yet. To add to the list; now Sam, Dean and Castiel know the truth but, apart from these figures, does anyone else know who God’s sister is and is there more to the story to find out? Metatron doesn’t know anything more but maybe Death knew more about why God turned against his sister and how the two of them came into existence in the first place? Maybe the last two surviving archangels, Michael and Lucifer, who have been trapped in Hell since Season 5 have more information, but do Sam and Dean have the strength to ask?

supernatural-151112-castielI talk more about Michael and Lucifer’s return in my last article. You can read it here.

Question 2. Is The Darkness God’s older sister, how much older is she and does that mean she is more powerful?

It’s pretty much established that The Darkness is older than God because Death explained last season that “Before there was light, before there was God…there wasn’t nothing. There was The Darkness.” obviously implying that The Darkness came into existence first. As to their age difference, we have no way of knowing at the moment what that is. It could be that for hundreds of years The Darkness was alone, with only Death, before God was created, or it could be that God followed his sister very quickly afterwards.

It is also implied that The Darkness is more powerful than God. At the moment this seems unlikely as we are seeing Amara as a young girl who is still growing and is not yet at full power (probably due to being locked up for so long and having to find her strength again). At the moment her power doesn’t seem to even match, let alone exceed, that of a God. However, we know that God needed the help of his four most powerful angels to fight The Darkness which indicates that he didn’t have the power himself to defeat her. Death also explained how God couldn’t kill Amara which implies that The Darkness can not be killed as God himself doesn’t even have the power to kill her. (However, we know that Death had the power to kill God, so maybe Death could have killed Amara, being, most probably, older than her and having the power to kill every single other creature.) Although, after the reveal of their sibling relationship, the fact that God couldn’t kill Amara may be because God didn’t want to kill her because she was his older sister and, according to Metatron, “the only thing he’d ever known”. For whatever reason, God locked her away instead because he didn’t want to see her dead.


Question 3. Is the relationship literal? Do they have similar genetic make-up or is the relationship symbolic like when the angels call God their father?

When Metatron first revealed who The Darkness was I’m sure we all initially assumed that God was genetically related to Amara however the term “sister” could definitely mean something else entirely. The angels refer to members of their race as “brothers” and “sisters” although it has been highly speculated that they are not actually related but were all created by God singularly. Some viewers believe that angels weren’t born like regular people, but were made. This means that, although maybe created in God’s image like humans, they can not be genetically grouped into families or siblings. They were only created through God’s inspiration and imagination, and are not genetically related to him in any way.

Therefore, maybe Amara was created by the same being that created God (if they were, in fact, created by anything). Were they created or were they born? This is such a complicated idea but maybe it doesn’t really matter how the two are related. If God referred to The Darkness as his sister then there must be a connection there, whether it be genetically, through the same creator or maybe even just through experience (like when Sam and Dean referred to Bobby as their father, even though they weren’t related, because of their personal bond and experiences). The Darkness may have taken God under her wing as her baby brother and taught and protected him. The two of them may have bonded over being two of the first beings in creation and called themselves siblings that way. Also, does God and Amara’s relationship mean that the angels, who call God their father, are Amara’s nieces and nephews? Are humans also nieces and nephews as they are also creations of God? The way Amara looks at Dean, as God’s creation, suggests that she does see them as a relation in some way. There are so many different ideas to explore.

If God and The Darkness are genetically similar then that could mean that they have similar powers and appearances. Although Amara looks like a teenage girl at the moment, it may be that, before she was locked away, she resembled God’s form. But then what does God look like? It could be that God and Amara, like Angels and Demons, can take the form of humans but what did they look like before humans were created? Demons without a meat suit appear as black smoke whereas angels appear as bright white light. When The Darkness was released from her prison last season, she took the form of black smoke, similar to that of a demon. Does that mean God, who is always presented as the pinnacle of goodness, appears as white light like his righteous angels? Before Earth, were The Darkness and God just balls of light and smoke and, if they were, it doesn’t seem very similar in terms of the, apparently genetic, relationship between them. Is The Darkness a force of evil and God a force of good, and is the show trying to imply that the forces of good and evil are interconnected like siblings? Like the Chinese philosophy, yin and yang, whereby the belief is that opposing forces are interdependent on each other, and that one can not work without the other?

Read more about Yin and Yang here


Question 4. Do God and Amara have similar powers and motivations and if The Darkness has evil intentions then why isn’t God evil as well?

If God and The Darkness were created by the same creator then maybe they were made with similar powers and abilities. Personally, I don’t think this is true because God could literally conjure up an entire world and all it’s creatures whereas the only thing we’ve seen The Darkness do, so far, is eat souls and perform a few acts of telekinesis (moving objects and people with her mind). However, this could easily be because she is weak and is still recovering to achieve full strength, which may mean that she does have the power of conjuration.

The next question is; If Amara can devour souls to gain power then can God do this too? Being an omnipotent being, he probably can do this if he so wishes. This doesn’t mean he would choose to eat people’s souls. It depends how you see the character of God in the show. Maybe we’ve all been deceived and God purely created Earth to feed himself with human souls. This is a very dark theory and, if it were true, I think somebody would have noticed by now that God was eating people. Then again, does Amara actually need to eat souls to survive, like humans need food and water, or is she doing it for pleasure or to get more power, maybe to return to full strength. We know that souls are a giant force of power and this might explain why The Darkness is evidently stronger than God, because she doesn’t mind consuming power from innocent people.

Personally, I very much think that God is the light and Amara is the darkness (I mean that is, quite literally, her name) to the entire universe. God locked his sister away because he wanted to create a world without evil or sin, but maybe the world needs a balance of both good and evil to evolve and continue living, like yin and yang? This may explain why God and The Darkness have, seemingly, different intentions; God obviously wanted to create a world, whereas all Amara appears to be doing is eating God’s creations.

However, if God does have similar intentions to The Darkness, then maybe he created the world for selfish reasons, wanting it all to himself, imprisoning his sister to gain all the glory. It could be that God, regretting trapping his sister, is apologising to her by creating a world full of energy-charged meals for when The Darkness escapes. These ideas are honestly unlikely but it’s great to theorise. Is The Darkness and God going to join forces as this season’s antagonists? *gasps*


Question 5. Is there any other siblings or family members in their family tree and who is their parents?

We have no idea if God and The Darkness have any parents. Was there another God before them who created them? We only know of one other being who was around when they were; Death. Did Death bring God and Amara into existence? This does seem unlikely because Death only seems to reap creatures, not create them. He may not even have the power of conjuration. Maybe Death is God and Amara’s brother? Maybe the world’s basic core forces, being at the heart of everything, are good, evil and death, the first three beings in existence. This still doesn’t explain how they were first created. Who created God? A question that has boggled the minds of many good philosophers and probably shouldn’t be attempted by a lone Supernatural fan. Did Amara create God herself? This is entirely possible as she existed before God, but then that raises the question; Why did she create him?

As to any other siblings, we do know of other deities who act as Gods for all the other religions on Earth besides Christianity, but these Gods were definitely not around when God first came into existence and are no where near as powerful. The majority of pagan or old Gods (such as Hindu, Greek, Norse) that we see on the show are weak from lack of followers, and most of them need to gain energy from feeding on human organs or flesh. They used to be well-fed from ancient virgin sacrifices so the majority are angry and hateful due to being ignored, and are jealous of God for being the most popular amongst the human religions. These Gods can be easily killed and, in my opinion, came into existence through human’s creating organised religions, and praying to create different Gods using their own faith and imagination.

There is also Eve, the Mother of All, who existed alongside the Leviathans. She was treated like a God by her own monstrous creatures and also had the power to conjure up new creatures. Is Eve another sister to God and Amara? This is possible however, the Leviathans, who were one of the first creations of God, looked down on Eve calling her a “mutt” and implying her powers were mediocre. This could mean that Eve was just another creation of God. She was definitely not as powerful as God as she was later killed by Dean using phoenix ash, and, as she came into existence at the same time as the Leviathans, it suggests that she could have been a mutated Leviathan.


Question 6. Why did God lock The Darkness away in the first place? What is Amara’s purpose and is she responsible for chaos and sin?

I am really liking the theory that God and The Darkness are a ‘yin and yang’ type force that are needed to keep the balance of the universe at equilibrium. This would explain why God trapped Amara, because he wanted to create a world without evil and sin, even if that meant sacrificing his sister. (As Metatron explained last week, creating a perfect Earth required a lot of hard work and sacrifice.) This might mean that God strived to create a world without The Darkness to corrupt. He may have been a little optimistic because imprisoning Amara didn’t shut out all evil like he hoped it would. The Mark of Cain, the lock and key to Amara’s prison, began to present a dark force itself which corrupted God’s most loyal soldier, Lucifer. Lucifer then went on to corrupt Eve in the Garden of Eden and created his own evil beings; demons. Although The Darkness was restrained, her influence was still seeping through The Mark of Cain into God’s world, restoring the balance of the universe. This would also explain why The Darkness can, apparently, not be killed, because she is meant to exist in order to keep the world in a balanced state of good and evil. God may have imprisoned the direct source of that evil, but it would always corrupt and prevail because there can not be a world clear of all sin. It must be balanced, and good and bad must complement each other, like the yin and yang philosophy.

However, it could be that God imprisoned The Darkness for other reasons. Amara may have betrayed her brother in some way or maybe God simply had to sacrifice a creation in order to create Earth. When The Darkness first returned last season, her black smoke appeared to burst through the Earth itself. Maybe the foundations of God’s Earth was The Darkness. Amara’s prison was the beginning of God’s creation. This brings up the idea that maybe The Darkness isn’t evil. Maybe God spread the rumour that his sister was immoral and bad to cover his own crime of sacrificing her to start creating his own life.

Going back to the yin and yang theory, we have established that Amara is most probably responsible for demons, monsters, sin, chaos and the corruption of Lucifer, and that God is the opposing light to her darkness. This would also explain why the Leviathans, who were God’s first creations before humans and angels (and possibly archangels as well), were so wicked and destructive. It could be that God attempted to create life but, with Amara’s evil influence, ended up with the monstrous Leviathans. Maybe God and The Darkness were planning on creating and ruling a world together, but God, after discovering that Amara would corrupt all of their creations, decided to lock her away in order to peacefully create, what he deemed, the perfect creature; humans. However, if all creations became immoral and evil whilst The Darkness was free to influence, then why wasn’t God’s archangels influenced? God must have created the archangels before imprisoning The Darkness, so how come they were made so good and righteous (aside from Lucifer’s betrayal). Maybe the Leviathans were designed and made with the combined ideas of God and Amara, whereas God created his angels with only his power and in only his own image, in order to fight his sister. Although the Leviathans were heavily criticised by fans in Season 7, they may be a clue into what happened between God and The Darkness before God created the universe.


So, anyway, from this tiny bit of information we received in last week’s episode, we can theorise and analyse as much as is humanly possible, because I know there’s more things fans can deduce about who The Darkness is and what she wants. The most important question though; Is God going to make an appearance this season?

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