My Supernatural

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Fanfiction Story – The Burden of Cain (Still in Progress/Abandoned)
Set after 9×13 and focuses on the consequences of Dean accepting the Mark of Cain. Hurt!Dean and Care!Sam. All rights to Supernatural, CW. UA (Universe Alteration).

Fanfiction Story – The Mark of Dean (Completed One-Shot)
One Shot set just after 9×22 .

Fanfiction Story – Cain and Abel (Completed One-Shot)
(Dialogue dominant/Short. Set after 9×22.) Sam and Dean argue again, but Dean isn’t who he used to be. Demon!Dean

Fanfiction Story – How I Love Now – A Castiel Love Story (Currently Writing)
“Castiel had been content these past 6 months, despite having no grace and living in a world secretly riddled with fallen Angels…”

My Photo Edits
BeFunky_spn dean.jpgbl girls girls girls gun BeFunky_sam and dean.jpgb BeFunky_BeFunky_null_1.jpgsevgerw sg5w4v Dean in 'Soul Survivor' (2)

GIFS I have made Dean with lighter Gif Misha Blooper - #actnatural BOLD Gif

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30 Days of Supernatural Women
Dean Winchester – A Life through Song Lyrics
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