30 Days of Supernatural Women

Hey, I’m going to do the 30 Days of Supernatural Women thingy. I actually can’t find the original post but I did screen cap one version…

30 days of supernatural womenSo there you go…


Day 1: Favourite female character who’s been in more than one episode

As much as I love Abaddon, I had to pick Jo because she is just awesome in every aspect.

BeFunky_1.jpg JO BeFunky_B&w_8.jpg JO 2
When Abaddon is my favourite female demon, Jo would definitely be my favourite female hunter. Her character is just so defiant and confident, she knows what she wants and is such a brave, strong woman for young viewers everywhere to look up to.


Day 2: Favourite one-off character

I want to mention Molly, the ghost (who didn’t know she was a ghost) in episode 2.16 “Roadkill”. I thought that her character was interesting and she had a really unique story. That episode as a whole was so original, there hasn’t been another like it.

I also liked Layla, a woman who was hoping to be healed by the faith healer in 1.12 “Faith”. She was very caring and friendly towards Dean who was also going through illness at the time.

Marin was another one-off on my shortlist. She was a patient in Sam’s psychiatric ward when he was being haunted by hallucinations of Lucifer in 7.17 “The Born-Again Identity”. Like Layla was to Dean, Marin was also really friendly and open to Sam. Sam and Marin really understood and helped each other, which was probably the only nice part about that episode as it seemed really depressing and sad at times.

As you can see, I have many favourite one-off characters, and there are plenty to choose from because, as we all know, women don’t last very long on Supernatural. However, my all-time favourite one-off female character would be Nancy Fitzgerald.

BeFunky_Chromatic_1.jpg NANCY 2 BeFunky_null_8.jpg NANCY

Nancy was an amazingly beautiful girl (inside and out) who appeared in 3.12 “Jus in Bello”. She does get murdered at the end of the episode at the hands of Lilith (as I watched through my tears) but she goes through so much character development within just one episode, it’s truly inspiring writing. As she starts out she’s a timid, shy, hard-working receptionist and she stands by her Christian religion and faith which continues throughout the episode. She prays and cares for Sam and Dean when none of the other police station workers would even look at them and even when she herself was afraid of them.

Then, near the end of the episode, having been confronted with demons and having to adjust quickly to the dark truth of the world, she transforms into this brave and courageous woman who is willing to have her heart ripped out in order to complete a ritual that would kill all demons within the immediate facility, saving everyone, including strangers she had just met. She spoke up and decided that she wanted to be a hero and help save the remaining people in the station even when she was just an innocent bystander in all of it. A very brave character who I look up to and she did not deserve to die, as it completely contradicts her awesomeness.

I also think that Nancy showed viewers that you don’t have to be confident or sexy or outgoing in order to be great.


Day 3: Favourite human character

I’m going to exclude any hunters here because I wouldn’t consider them “ordinary humans” (just sayin’). I do like Charlie but not as much as I favour Sarah Blake, Sam’s love interest in 1.19 “Provenance” who then appears again in 8.22 “Clip Show” because she was really brave and calm when she was dealing with ghosts and then again when her life was a stake. She just seemed so relaxed and brave; a very cool human.

BeFunky_3.jpg LISA 2 BeFunky_3.jpg LISA

However (and I’m rating on “humanness”, similar to Sarah) I would have to say my favourite female human would be Lisa, Dean’s love interest from seasons 3-6. She was frickin awesome as humans go. She made a life for herself as a single mother and, despite Dean running off to fight demons and monsters, she kept herself grounded and kept things as normal and ordinary as possible for her son, Ben. In doing this, she was Dean’s rock throughout that year without his brother when he was trying to live a normal life, and she gave him comfort and support with whatever he was going through. She was also pretty clever and cool-headed when in the face of danger. If only we were all like her.


Day 4: Favourite non-human character

“Non-human” has quite a broad range of females to choose from, it’s so hard to pick just one with such strong women like Abaddon and Eve around who I both love. The first name I thought of was Madison, Sam’s love interest in episode 2.12 “Heart”. Madison is, by far, my favourite female werewolf, competing with Kate from Season 8, Bess, Garth’s newly-wed partner in Season 9, and Violet, a member of the werewolf family in the spin-off pilot “Bloodlines”. I thought that Madison was so sweet and caring to Sam and was incredibly brave to accept death in order to stop herself from killing people; she was one of the better monsters on the show.

That being said I think that it’s safe to say that Anna trumps everyone. Anna is most definitely my favourite female Angel (going up against many figures including Naomi and Hannah) because she was just so much more developed. I get substantially annoyed by the lack of personality in the female Angels on the show all the time and it’s hard to tell if the writers do it to show the overwhelming obedience of Angels in general or are just being slightly sexist. Most of the female Angels are either stupid or over complaint and are normally no where near developed enough.

BeFunky_4.jpg ANNA 2 BeFunky_Chromatic_1.jpg ANNA

Hannah is a personal annoyance of mine. She goes from following Castiel to Metatron to Castiel all within a couple of episodes and she doesn’t seem to question anything herself and just keeps pestering whoever she’s following at that point. Anna is much more complicated and real to me, she had her own opinions, made her own choices and had a great story. She went from being a human to being an Angel to being an assassin. She also manages to connect and create some form of relationship between both Castiel and Dean. Anna seems to understand them both and (even though she did experience human life for a while) it just shows that not all of these Angel’s have to be uncaring, arrogant beings who just follow their orders, and that they can actually have their own minds.


Day 5: Favourite ally character

BeFunky_null_3.jpg MEG BeFunky_null_8.jpg MEG 2

Sarah Blake (“Provenance”, “Clip Show”) would be my favourite ally character who is a human/an ‘innocent bystander’, but my all-time favourite ally would be Demon Meg. I’m not absolutely sure if she counts as an ally but, in my opinion, I think that she helped the Winchesters more than she hindered them (however that would probably be more specific to Meg 2.0). She is mostly my favourite just because she doesn’t have to side with the Winchesters but she repeatedly does it anyway. Even when all of the other lower Demons were just aimlessly following Crowley, she had her own independent, strong feelings of hatred towards him and acted on them and, even though it didn’t quite pay off (as Crowley kills her in Season 8), she was extremely clever and fought ferociously until the end. Although it may have been for her own gain, Meg did a lot to help the Winchesters when she could have easily turned against them on many occasion.


Day 6: Favourite antagonist

BeFunky_null_1.jpg ABADDON BeFunky_Chromatic_1.jpg ABADDON

I have always loved Lilith and Eve as they are both very powerful, strong female antagonists but Abaddon wins over both of them. It felt like she raised the bar for all of the villains and really went head on with the famous (albeit slightly misogynistic) Crowley. She’s a bloodthirsty, brutal badass who will never be replaced in my books.


Day 7: Favourite older character

I really liked fellow hunter Annie Hawkins who appeared in just one episode, 7. 19 “Of Grave Importance”. It is inferred that she had sexual relationships with Sam, Dean and Bobby but is not really called out on it which I love. Her age isn’t shown as an issue and she accepted a hunter’s death despite being a ghost (which normally leads to becoming a vengeful spirit).

I found that Annie was very similar to Tara, who appeared in 9.11 “First Born” as an old friend of John Winchester’s. I consider them both to be incredible, one-off, older characters. Sadly they both died almost immediately but I don’t think that changes the fact that they kicked the old people stereotype in the face. I don’t think they deserved to be killed off personally because they seemed to be such great hunters despite being a bit older.

BeFunky_null_1.jpg TARA 2 BeFunky_null_1.jpg TARA

However, I am going to favourite Tara as she was absolutely inspiring from the moment I saw her and I almost cried when I found out that she was tortured and killed by a demon. She had all those weapons and amazing hunting skills as well as the “painful little tickle” in her knee telling her that a demon was near which is so unique and different. Also, she was in such good shape! I want to be that fit when I’m older.


Day 8: Favourite mother character

(Note: Yes, I’m English. Therefore I use the spelling ‘Mum’.)

After giving this a good extent of thought, I have realised that there are quite a few mother characters on the show. So, let’s go through some of the best…

Day 8. Mother Characters

The most obvious, most prominent mother character (as well as being the first mother to appear on the show) is clearly Mary Winchester and she is shown to have a big place in both brother’s hearts, especially Dean’s as he has memories of her before her death whereas Sam doesn’t. She is very important to the whole story and, although at first she is just seen as a weak, innocent girl who gets killed within the first few minutes of the “Pilot”, we do find out later, in Season 4, that she was in fact a highly-skilled, courageous hunter, who also had strong morals and principles of not letting her children be raised in the hunter lifestyle like she was. A very inspirational character in my opinion.

I’m going to talk about Lisa Braeden next (who I awarded my Favourite Human Character back in Day 3). As a single mum who had to deal with a very changeable and emotionally tender Dean Winchester as a boyfriend, I think she did an awesome job at keeping things safe and normal for her son, Ben, and, I believe, that she would have always put him first.

Sheriff Jody Mills is also a cool mum but, as her son dies very early on in her story arc, we don’t really see much of her being a mother. However, sometimes her attitude towards Sam and Dean comes across as very motherly, protective and caring but that could be interpreted as grief and her way of dealing with her loss. Due to recent events with a certain oddball Annie/Alex Jones, who appeared in episode 9.19 “Alex Annie Alexis Ann” as a vampire nest’s adopted human pet, we have gotten to see more of Jody’s mother persona. At the end of the episode, with Annie’s vampire family dead, Jody decides to look after and care for Annie, almost like a daughter. Hopefully that will turn out well as both Jody and Annie seem to have a lot in common as they have both lost their families and both have substantial knowledge of the Supernatural. Together, they have the awareness and strength that potential hunters have. I love the newly-formed relationship between them and I’m really looking forward to seeing where it goes from here.

In contrast to the fan favourite Jody, there are also many mums on the show that have become easily forgettable. Deanna Campbell, Mary’s mother and Sam and Dean’s grandmother, appeared in a grand total of one episode, 4.03 “In the Beginning”, and we don’t really find out anything about her at all. She’s slightly brushed aside and then is brutally murdered by the Yellow-Eyed Demon before we get a chance to assess her mothering abilities. Mary seems adequate that she wants to get away from her parents so maybe she is not close to either of them but, when Sam and Dean’s grandfather, Samuel Campbell, comes back from the dead in Season 6, his wife is absent. So, when we get more information, characterisation and development for Mary’s father, we get almost nothing on Deanna. It seems that all we know is that she is the mother of a family of hunters therefore, from that we have to conclude that she isn’t the best mum around.

Amelia Novak (4.20 “The Rapture”) was another mother I had forgotten about. She was the wife of Jimmy Novak, Castiel’s vessel, and together they had one young daughter, Claire. Despite the fact that Jimmy became possessed by an Angel and disappeared for at least a year without any explanation, Amelia still tried to put her daughter first and, similar to Lisa’s tactic, tried to keep things as ordinary as possible. She was concerned and cautious when Jimmy returned and was very careful to make sure he was safe and well before allowing Claire to reunite with him. Amelia and Jimmy were strong, religious believers who both had a caring bond with their daughter (shown through Jimmy giving his life for Claire when Castiel was possessing her) and, even though Amelia didn’t trust or support Jimmy when he was trying to explain the existence of Angels and Demons, her aim was to keep Claire safe no matter what.

I also want to mention Kate Milligan, the mother of Sam and Dean’s half-brother Adam. Like Deanna and Amelia, Kate also appeared in just one episode (4.19 “Jump the Shark”) and her character was only featured in the first scene before she gets murdered, eaten and then impersonated by a ghoul for the rest of the episode. So, again, we don’t get to see much of Kate or her relationship with her son. However, Adam does appear in various episodes prior to “Jump the Shark” where he expresses a lot of love for his mother. She is mentioned a lot more after her death. The fact that the bait that the Angel’s use to lure Adam into becoming Michael’s vessel is the promise that they would resurrect his mother, shows how important she was to him. Adam explains how his father, John, was never there for him like his mum was, implying that Kate had a very close relationship with him and holds a special place in his heart. It is speculated that Kate and Adam only had each other and, as a single mum, she apparently did a great job (but, then again, we don’t know any of this for sure, we’re just going on Adam’s word).

Finally (before I reveal my favourite mother character), Linda Tran kicked ass. Prophet Kevin Tran’s protective, if a little controlling, mum really did everything she could for her son. When Sam and Dean overlooked her, she challenged them and, when they explained that they needed to put Kevin under protection from Demons, she insisted that she stay with Kevin and help. When she gets possessed by Crowley it makes her stronger and she fights harder afterwards, and even when she is captured and imprisoned by Crowley, she keeps the hope that she will see her son again and gets revenge for Kevin’s death with pleasure and pride.

(May I just add: Eve is also technically a mother of her many monstrous children and I have always loved her as a villain and her relationship with her children is so unique and sinister. However, she does willingly allow her monsters to get killed by hunters regularly which can be seen as child cruelty.)

Even with all of these amazing, inspirational mothers, I think it is fair to say that my favourite is most definitely a Mrs Ellen Harvelle.

8. Ellen B&W BeFunky_null_1.jpg ELLEN

Mother of the determined and courageous Jo Harvelle, she can not compare to any of the single mum line-up. After dealing with the loss of her husband to a hunt, she had to continue to raise Jo completely alone, whilst trying to steer her away from the hunting lifestyle in order to keep her safe. I think the fact that there was so much tension and disagreement between mother and daughter here was what made it so believable and relatable. Ellen, after understanding and accepting that Jo needs to hunt (as she feels like a “freak” when asked to try and fit in and be normal) agrees to team up and hunt with her so as to protect her and give her guidance.

As well as being a mother figure for Sam and Dean, she also helped them try to take down the Devil in 5.10 “Abandon All Hope” being the mother and friend that the Winchesters so desperately needed. After Jo gets mortally wounded by Hellhounds in this episode, Ellen doesn’t leave like Jo requests, but stays with her until the very end (breaking every fan’s hearts). Ellen literally goes to the grave for her, dying with her daughter in her arms.
No. 1 Mum Award.  


Day 9: Favourite character introduction scene

I did like Becky Rosen’s introduction scene in 5.01 “Sympathy for the Devil” where she is seen composing fanfiction and then, when she first meets Sam and Dean, she gently strokes Sam’s chest. It’s beautifully hilarious.

Tracy Bell’s introduction scene was also pretty cool and sassy. In 9.02 “Devil May Care” the young hunter uses her feminine charms and attractive body to get close to a vampire in order to take him out. A great strong female character shown easily in her first minute of screen time.

I also really loved Eve’s entrance in 6.12 “Like a Virgin”. Eve’s virgin sacrifice and vessel rises from a burning pit, in just a pure, white dress, floating eerily towards us, asserting instant authority and letting us know that sh*t is about to go down.

BeFunky_Chromatic_1.jpg RUBY 2 BeFunky_B&w_8.jpg RUBY

However, when I first watched 3.01 “The Magnificent Seven” which debuts Demon Ruby’s first appearance, I was surprised, intrigued and dying to know more about this mysterious, blonde bad ass who just entered the building, saving Sam’s life for completely unknown reasons. The stranger bursts in on the action with a new weapon that neither Sam nor the audience have ever seen before. She takes out the few Demons attacking Sam as though it were easy. At the time, it was so different and interesting as we have never seen a knife that can kill Demons before and, after exchanging only a simple line with Sam, “I’m the girl who just saved your ass…See you around, Sam”, she mysteriously disappears into thin air which is also so new and leaves the audience in the same boat as Sam; curious and eager to find out who this girl is. She really makes a big entrance and a massive impact on me.


Day 10: Favourite character arc

I was very adamant that I was going to favourite Ava Wilson, who was one of Azazel’s special children back in Season 2, as she goes from an innocent and caring young woman, who desperately tried to warn Sam about her vision of him dying, to a slightly psychotic, power-crazy, demonic killer. In spite of all that, it appears that Ava was only featured in two episodes. So, really her amazing story arc was squashed and downgraded. I said that she developed from nice to naughty but in actual fact she was just nice in one episode that she appeared in and then completely not nice in the second. If her character journey was executed a little better, I probably would have chosen who story arc as my favourite.

I thought that Ava’s arc was very similar to Anna’s (who I talked a lot about in Day 4) as she also goes from a weak human who has to be protected to a very determined, powerful being and, when she gets her grace back and is betrayed by Castiel, she decides to try and kill Sam in order to stop Lucifer. Even when she turns darker, we as an audience still understand her actions and feel a little sympathetic towards her because we have seen her story unfold.

I also considered Mary Winchester’s story arc for a bit because, again, she goes from damsel in distress to badass hunter but I wouldn’t say that she strictly has a story arc because she dies in the first episode, and the only information we get of her prior to that is due to Sam and Dean travelling back in time. So, really, we are following her story arc but we’re doing it backwards.

BeFunky_B&w_8.jpg BELA BeFunky_null_1.jpg BELA 2

In contrast to all of these characters who go from weak and vulnerable to sassy and strong, my favourite character arc would have to be Bela Talbot who, I think, goes the other way around. Bela starts out authoritative and cocky and then, during her last appearance before her death, we learn that she sold her soul in exchange for the death of her abusive parents. We have gotten to know her character throughout Season 3 but that last scene (in 3.15 “Time is On My Side”)  before she is dragged to Hell is just so emotional and sorrowful. This badass character we have come to know and love has turned into a vulnerable little girl again, desperately asking Dean for help when there were times when she would point a gun at him in hatred.


Day 11: Character with the best dialogue lines and/or favourite quote by a female character

Contenders for this category included Ruby (“I’m the girl who just saved your ass.” “Does anyone have a breath mint? Some guts splattered into my mouth whilst I was killing my way in here.” “Even you have to admit I’m-I’m awesome!”) and Abaddon (“But the King is dead. Long live the Queen.” ”You give a girl all sorts of nasty ideas” “You and me, lover. We’ll have a grand old time.”)

Going along with the theme of villains and antagonists, my favourite character with the best dialogue lines would be Eve. I have always loved her quotes and statements as they just perfectly encapture her attitude towards her children and, after 5 seasons of male big bads and referring to God as “Father”, Eve crashes the party and makes the female species and the role of the mother important again.

BeFunky_Chromatic_1.jpg EVE BeFunky_null_4.jpg EVE 2

My all time favourite quote from Eve is “After all, a mother defends her children,”but I found that every time she talked I was instantly hooked…

“We have so much to do. Let’s get started.”       “You do know that Jesus was just a man.”

“God doesn’t care about you. Your father made you and then abandoned you, so you pray. You see signs where there’s nothing. But truth is, your apocalypse came and went, and you didn’t even notice. A mother would never abandon her children like he did. You’ll see.

“Now that would be rude, Sam”            “You misunderstand me”

“I liked our arrangement…The natural order. My children turned a few of you, you hunted a few of them. I was happy.”

“You understand a mother’s love. I’m no different.”               “You simple, little monkey.”

“Okay fine. I’ll quit playing nice. I’ll turn you all. Every soul, mine. Let’s see how hot his Hell burns when everyone comes to me. He asked for it.”

“Bonus, I won’t kill your friends.”              “Don’t test me.”


Day 12: The most badass fighter character

As much as I want to say Abaddon or Ruby who are both very strong, brave fighters, I had to rewatch 5.19 “Hammer of the Gods” just to see if Kali, The Destroyer, could beat them and, I think it’s safe to say that, even as a one-off character, she kicked ass.

BeFunky_B&w_8.jpg KALI 2 BeFunky_Chromatic_1.jpg KALI

Not only did Kali, who is a deity or God in her own respect, stab Gabriel with his own angel blade just to proof to the rest of the Gods that Lucifer could be killed but she always kept fighting, holding her line and leading the other Gods, and there’s a reason that she was the only deity that made it out of that episode alive. Surprisingly to me, because she was a female character on a slightly misogynistic show, she is currently known to still be alive whereas Abaddon and Ruby are not. This may show that Kali is a better fighter than them but, bare in mind that, Gabriel does kind of come to her rescue before she could get killed by Lucifer like the other Gods.

However, Kali does bravely go head to head with Lucifer regardless of how much power he had over her, and manages to hold him off for a good while whilst Sam and Dean were cowering in the corner. I think she does a better job than the other Gods who Lucifer quickly and easily takes out on his way to her.


Day 13: The most badass non-fighter character

I want to mention Eve who, I thought, didn’t really do much fighting as she telepathically controlled her monsters to fight all of her battles for her so that was pretty cool but then I also think that Linda, Prophet Kevin Tran’s mother, is also really badass without having to do much fighting as she had so much attitude and sass in just her words or her expressions.

Despite that, my favourite badass non-fighter has to be Charlie Bradbury. Computer nerd and LARPing geek, Charlie is first introduced (in 7.20 “The Girl with the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo”) as a rebellious character who always tries to break the rules. When she is asked by her boss to uncover information from a hard drive, she manages to do it despite it being encrypted by a man who is much older than she is and has had more experience. Charlie then proceeds to check out the information even though she is told not to and finds out that the boss she’s working for is in fact a shape shifting monster. She acts as coolly as she possibly could in this situation she is flung into, learns fast and, after quickly being introduced to Sam and Dean, she decides to help them purely because it’s the right thing.

BeFunky_OrtonStyle_1.jpg CHARLIE BeFunky_null_4.jpg CHARLIE

Charlie continues to be morally awesome as well as being badass using her computer skills and pop culture knowledge, which goes to the point where she is able to kill the Wicked Witch in 9.04 “Slumber Party” purely because she had read the Wizard of Oz books. That being said, she can fire a gun so she does have some fighting qualities in her, but the point is that she learnt how to fight by playing video games and doing what she loved. She is badass in a totally different way and, describing herself as “a wee bit obsessive”, she is incredibly inspiring to all of us fans who probably wouldn’t be able to fire a gun.



Day 14: Character who deserves their own spin-off

Initially I felt that a Sheriff Jody Mills spin-off would be cool, but only if it included her new adopted daughter Annie/Alex because I just don’t think that Jody’s character is interesting enough to carry a whole show by herself.

Additionally, after 9.04 “Slumber Party”, I really liked Charlie and Dorothy’s relationship. However, I think that having a spin-off set in The Land of Oz could either have a lot of potential or feel very fake, unrealistic or unrelatable.

I don’t know if this counts because they kind of already tried to do it with “Bloodlines” but I would want a spin-off based around Kate, the werewolf who appeared in 8.03 “Bitten”. I really want to find out what she is doing and I think that a monster spin-off, which is what they tried to do with “Bloodlines”, is the best way forward because it’s a look at theSupernatural universe from a completely different perspective.

BeFunky_Tintype_3.jpg KATE BeFunky_Chromatic_1.jpg KATE

Having a monster themed spin-off means that we would feel sympathy for the characters as they are not the most powerful beings but are still different and are hunted down because of it, and it is sometimes not even their fault. Kate is one of these monsters who didn’t choose to become a werewolf and is just trying to fit into society and do the best she can morally. She didn’t ask or want to be a monster which, I think, would make her spin-off even more intriguing and new. It’s not a spin-off based around Angels and Demons who are not very relatable and don’t really have that self-hatred that monsters might have, or around ghosts because that would just be morbid. I’m telling you, a monster based spin-off is the way forward and Kate is not only alive but her story is very much left open at the end of her episode. I for one want to know what happens next.



Day 15: Character you wish were still alive

Okay this is a very unfair question because the majority of the female characters have died tragically.

So…I could choose Jo, Ellen, Pamela, Lilith, Ruby, Meg, Anna, Abaddon, Nancy (who I talked about in Day 2), Tara, (who I talked about in Day 7) etc, etc. I could go on forever.

As much as I truly want to choose all of them, I first want to talk about Abaddon’s death which I felt to be quite sexist. Her death sadly followed in the footsteps of Eve’s death; it just ruined her in the sense that all of her established power and intelligence was completely thrown out of the window simply for the Demon Dean story arc. As someone who looks up to strong, authorative women, I really didn’t think the show would be so misogynistic as to kill her character off. I was wrong.

The vampire Lenore, who appeared in 2.03 “Bloodlust” and 6.19 “Mommy Dearest”, I also thought had a lot more to offer and, similar to Tessa’s death in 9.22 “Stairway to Heaven” they could have killed off any character. It was unnecessary to bring Lenore back into the show for 5 minutes just to have Castiel kill her to assert his authority. I also really liked April, a Reaper like Tessa, who appeared in 9.03 “I’m No Angel”. She could have had a lot of potential but I understand that she was a clear and obvious villain. Tessa, however, was not a clear villain and yet was still murdered by Dean, mirroring what happened with Abaddon, to basically further develop Dean’s dark character.

Despite all of these unworthy deaths, the character I wish was still alive would most definitely be the Angel Muriel who appeared in just one episode, 9.09 “Holy Terror”. Even though her screen time was very minimal, she made a big impact on me. Muriel was a female character with personality and moral. She makes her entrance through hearing Castiel’s prayers and comes to help him which shows her kindness and compassion.

When she gets to Cas she realises who he is; a traitor and enemy of Heaven who almost every Angel is out to kill. She knows that if she helps him that it could put her life in danger (and it does) but she still gives him information about the Angel war nonetheless. Muriel explains how she wants to stay neutral in the war between the Angels which is why Castiel states “we’re similar”, as they both want the fighting to stop. Due to this quick bond between them, Castiel tries to convince Malachi that she is innocent, when they both get captured and tortured by him. Unfortunately Malachi gives the order to kill Muriel because of her interaction with Cas. (I’m surprised there’s any Angel’s left at this rate.)

BeFunky_OrtonStyle_1.jpg MURIEL BeFunky_15.jpg MURIEL

Personally, I believe that Castiel and Muriel could have had a very close, strong friendship or maybe even a romantic relationship. I don’t think that it was necessary to kill Muriel in this episode as the severity of the situation is already established in the opening scene where Angels are seen brutally slaughtering other Angels. Furthermore, Castiel escapes and murders his way out of the place where Malachi has him prisoner and this alone indicates the war and battle atmosphere. I don’t think that Muriel had to die for the story or the mood of the episode to be made clear. Castiel and Muriel could have both made it out alive and stayed in contact with each other and she could have easily been one of the many followers that Castiel gathers later on in Season 9. She could have replaced the useless, annoying Hannah in being Castiel’s right-hand lady. I feel that Castiel and Muriel would have had a much more respected and close friendship than the untrusting and unstable relationship that Cas and Hannah have.



Day 16: Character you most want to reappear

My dream reappearance would be Bela but I don’t know how well that would go with the story because, from what I gather, she’s in Hell. I also really like the hunter Tracy Bell (9.02 “Devil May Care”) and Annie Jones (9.19 “Alex Annie Alexis Ann”) because I think they are both great fighters who deserve a second appearance.

However, I have loved Krissy forever and I feel like fans forget about her. Appearing in two episodes (7.11 “Adventures in Babysitting” and 8.18 “Freaks and Geeks”) Krissy is a very young hunter who follows after her father, after she saw her mother get ripped apart by a Supernatural creature. After her first appearance, her father agrees to get away from hunting and try and live a normal life for her daughter, however he is later killed by a vampire. Krissy is so brave and strong at this point and carries on hunting to get revenge and, even though it doesn’t quite work out, she always tries to do the right thing in the end.

16. Krissy 3  16. Krissy 4

I just think that she’s really cool and I want her in Season 10. Her relationship with Dean is so special and unique because he doesn’t see her as a child but has equal respect for her as she does for him. Krissy uses the the advantage that people think she is a weak, vulnerable child making her a great hunter. She’s really resourceful, smart and uses her initiative. She also sensibly tells Dean that she won’t be hunting anymore unless something comes to town to ease his worries, and I think there’s lots of development there as well as she has grown up and matured between her appearances. I want her back…now.



Day 17: Character with most wasted potential

Going all the way back to Season 1, I felt that Dean’s girlfriend Cassie was a little overlooked in 1.13 “Route 666” but the character, in my eyes, with the most wasted potential would definitely be Missouri Mosely, the psychic who appeared in 1.09 “Home”. Similar to how Cassie was replaced by Lisa as Dean’s most favorited love interest, Missouri was replaced by Pamela as the boy’s psychic friend.

17. Missouri 4 17. Missouri 3

Pamela was a younger, sexier character who the boys could flirt with, but I felt that she was very plain and stubborn. Missouri didn’t take no sh*t and had a blunt, straight feel to her whilst simultaneously being a comforting mother figure for them, especially to Sam who was also going through some very scary, psychic problems of his own at the time and needed some guidance. I felt that Pamela was no where near as caring and loving to the boys as Missouri was and, instead of bringing in a new character, the writers could have stuck with her. I think that she was very similar to Bobby in terms of attitude and emotional impact on Sam and Dean, and she could have easily been a big part of the story like Bobby was.



Day 18: Character the most screwed over by the writers

I wasn’t absolutely sure if this meant a character who the writers didn’t write very well (undeveloped, overshadowed etc) or a character who the writers make go through the most sh*t. I’m going to assume it means the latter and just say that most of the female characters get screwed over.

For obvious reasons, Jessica Moore is a contender in this category after being brutally murdered just to set the plot and then disrespectfully impersonated quite a few times over the course of the show, including being impersonated by Lucifer himself.

There is also Linda Tran who goes through getting possessed, tortured, captured and imprisoned purely to keep her son safe, just to find out that he is dead when he appears as a ghost.

However, nobody gets screwed over as much as psychic friend Pamela Barnes…

18. Pamela 4 18. Pamela 3

Appearing in only four episodes (one of which being dead and living in Heaven), Pamela had to endure having her eyes burnt out at seeing Castiel’s true form and then being stabbed by demons whilst putting her life on the line to help Sam and Dean. When we first see her she is fun, flirty and care-free despite having strange, psychic powers that would normally cause people to feel more isolated and introverted. Then, after only her second scene, she is blinded and although she doesn’t hold a grudge and continues to help the Winchester’s with their problems, I felt that she was a bit more distant with them, deep down blaming them for what happened to her.

She keeps helping the boys regardless, having a great moral compass, and is killed in the process, which the boys blame on themselves. Although, I will applaud the writers for including Pamela in 5.16 “Dark Side of the Moon” as being content in Heaven with Ash, to which she can be at peace, and Sam and Dean can finally forgive themselves for completely ruining her life.



Day 19: Character you most relate to

I think that I relate to Jo because I would consider my mother also very controlling and protective of me like Ellen is to her and also Bela a little bit because I feel like I would do the same as what she did if I was destined to burn in Hell.

However, I am going to go with Madison, the werewolf who appeared in 2.17 “Heart”. Although I could never be as brave as she was in giving up her life in order to stop the killing of innocent people, I really connected with her which made her death so emotional for me.

19. Madison 4 19. Madison 3

She and Sam had a very honest and close relationship which I really admired. Madison opened up to Sam explaining how she used to be shy and introverted and that when she got robbed (which the boys later find out was a werewolf attacking and biting her) she became a different person; stronger and more confident. I felt sympathy for her and completely understood her need to change her personality because I also used to be shy and quiet and it really isolated me and I basically hated it. I saw the Madison character and it was like looking in a mirror.



Day 20: Character you aspire to be like

I have always been inspired by Jo and Bela for being such strong, confident women and a little bit by Meg as well because she always had her own back and took care of herself which I think is very important.

However, thinking about it now, I think I’ll have to say that I am most inspired by Mary Winchester, Sam and Dean’s mum. Even though she dies in the first scene of the first episode of the show, we get so much information on her backstory and character over the years that it truly forms a very independent woman.

20. Mary 3 20. Mary 4

It’s most inspiring that she starts out (with a probably rough and unconventional childhood being raised in the hunter lifestyle) as a brave and courageous hunter but decides to get away from that life for her family and children. She sacrifices so much for Sam and Dean before they were even born and, after dying for them, continues to give them hope, as well as saving their life in 1.09 “Home” when she is a ghost (which is also the last chronological appearance of her character in the show).



Day 21: Favourite femslash ship

Ruby and Meg

ftfans 21. Ruby and Meg

(more specifically Ruby 2.0 and Meg 2.0)



Day 22: Favourite het ship

Abaddon and Dean

ftfans. 22. Abaddon and Dean

“Are we gonna fight or make out? ‘Cause I’m getting some real mixed signals here.”
– Dean 9.03

“I’ve loved this body since the moment I first saw it.” “You give a girl all sorts of nasty ideas.” “You and me, lover. We’ll have a grand old time.”
– Abaddon 9.03



Day 23: Favourite canon friendship/family relationship

As I’ve probably mentioned countless times, I really love the recently formed mother-daughter bond that Sheriff Jody Mills has achieved with Annie Jones.

23. Jody and Annie

Although anyone and everyone, including me, loves Ellen and Jo’s relationship, Jody and Annie are my favourite purely because these two women are not related by blood but the fact that they’ve both been through so much is what makes their relationship so great. It starts out strained and complicated at first but then it strengthens.

I also think that it partially mirrors Sam and Dean’s relationship because they are brothers by experience as well as blood. Additionally, it perfectly captures one of the running themes and messages of Supernatural which is that family doesn’t always mean blood. This is shown through characters such as Bobby, Castiel and Kevin who are not related but make a big impact on the boys and are therefore passionately considered family.

Even though Jody and Annie’s relationship was only shown through one episode (9.19 “Alex, Annie, Alexis Ann”), I really connected with them both and hopefully they’re going to have a future as a family.



Day 24: The friendship/family relationship the show dropped the ball on

I am assuming this means a relationship that the writers didn’t write very well and so I would have to say Deanna and Mary Campbell. This mother and daughter relationship was really only shown through one episode 4.03 “In the Beginning” and merely mentioned in a few others, despite the fact that they are grandmother and mother to the two main characters of the show. I honestly don’t know anything about how these two women interact with each other because they are never even seen together without Samuel, their husband and father, also being in the scene as well. It’s almost the complete opposite of the Bechdel test.

24. Deanna and Mary

Deanna, in particular, is simply a blank, obedient wife to Samuel, is totally underdeveloped and gets murdered after just a few, short scenes (which I talked about in more detail in Day 8). Mary also only ever mentions or shows affection towards her mother when she speaks about her parents collectively.

Additionally, I think this is very similar to what happened to Gwen Campbell, Sam and Dean’s hunter cousin, who was kept quietly in the background for a few episodes in Season 6 before being killed. Gwen never develops a good or close relationship with Sam or Dean and, like Deanna, I would have liked to find out more about her and, in doing so, more about the Campbell’s family tree.



Day 25: Two characters you wish had met

25. Ruby and Bela

Season 3 was a great season and I predicted that Ruby and Bela, who were both named as Series Regulars that year, would eventually cross paths at some point but apparently not.



Day 26: Non-romantic relationship you wish had been explored

26. Jo and Anna

I was going to go with Krissy Chambers and Annie Jones but a friendship could potentially form between them in the future so I went with Jo and Anna purely because I felt that they were similar characters who both got equally close to Dean. Even though Anna actually had sex with Dean whereas Jo didn’t, they both made a big impact on him. They were independent and courageous, and had strong expectations of themselves, which Dean saw in both of them. I think that they could have felt sympathy for each other and would have become friends had they met.



Day 27: Your headcanon friend ship?

27. Lilith and Ruby

“I was the best of those sons of bitches! The most loyal! Not even Alastair knew! Only Lilith” – Ruby, 4.22

I know that Lilith and Ruby’s relationship was not really shown at all in the show but I can really image these two ladies plotting to release Lucifer from Hell, and thinking of ways to lure Sam into drinking demon blood and becoming a vessel. They are both such strong characters who sacrificed so much for their end game; Ruby got close to Sam resulting in many demons believing her to be a traitor of Hell and Lilith gave her life in order to open Lucifer’s cage (and then Ruby also gets killed a few minutes later). Even though you don’t really see them together, I do believe that they had a very close friendship.




Day 28: Favourite episode that majorly features a female character

I really liked 5.13 “The Song Remains the Same” which featured Mary Winchester which was great because we find out that she used to be a hunter, completely changing our view of her. I also liked 5.09 “The Real Ghostbusters” which featured Becky Rosen because it was just so funny.

28. Tessa and In My Time of Dying

However, one of my favourite episodes has always been 2.01 “In My Time of Dying” featuring Tessa, the Reaper. Not only was it an opening episode to a season but it included a lot of female screen time which was awesome. I loved Tessa’s caring and yet blunt character and, even though that personality was kind of ruined in later seasons, I liked how she completely understood Dean and made him realise that death wasn’t something to be afraid of. Somehow the writers turned that likeable character into a suicidal maniac but let’s remember the good times.



Day 29: Favourite female character-centric fanfic / RANDOM RAMBLE

Okay, so I don’t think I can answer this one because I don’t really read that much fanfiction and the stuff that I do read is very Sam and Dean centric. Basically, I write more than I read.

I hate missing one out when we’re so close to the end (only one more day to go!) but instead I’m just going to go on a random ramble for a bit…

So, fun fact: When I was planning out this challenge I wrote down as many women I could remember off the top of my head and just referred to that list every day. I worked out that out of the 55 female characters that I could recall from the show, 32 of them are definitely dead, (and on 26, of those 32 deaths, we see their death scene, or at least part of it). Although it can be assumed that Layla also passed away and, vise versa, we don’t actually see Bela get killed and dragged to Hell so it may be an inaccurate number.

Additionally, throughout the whole 30 days I did not mention Amelia Richardson, Sam’s love interest in Season 8 who starred in most of his flashbacks, Daphne Allen, Castiel/Emmanuel’s wife in 7.17 “The Born-Again Identity”, Sheriff Donna Hanscum, who appeared in 9.13 “The Purge”, Suzy Lee, the porn star from 9.08 “Rock and a Hard Place” or Angels Rachel (6.18 “Frontierland”, 6.20 “The Man Who Would Be King”), Hester (7.21 “Reading is Fundamental”) and Hael (9.01 “I Think I’m Gonna Like It Here”). Personally, I really didn’t like the Amelia and Sam storyline which is why I didn’t mention her character at all and obviously Emmanuel’s wife was completely underdeveloped, however I did like Sheriff Donna Hanscum and Suzy but I just didn’t think that they fit in any of the categories. I know that there are other females that I have forgotten about but these are the ones that obviously stood out to me as I remembered their stories. Then there’s the fact that I can probably remember the females that appeared in the last season better than the female characters from years ago.

I mentioned them just now, but Rachel and Hael are both murdered by Castiel who also kills quite a few of his other Angel siblings, as well as the vampire Lenore in 7.19 “Mommy Dearest”. In fact, 22 out of the 32 woman characters who have died were murdered by a single male figure, with Lilith, Meg and Abaddon being the only females to kill another prominent female character, (Lilith killing Nancy Fitzgerald in 3.12 “Jus in Belo”, Meg killing the Angel Hester in 7.21 “Reading is Fundamental” and Abaddon killing the Demon Cecily in 9.10 “Road Trip”). The remaining 6 characters were killed by other means, however Kate Milligan was actually killed and eaten by both male and female ghouls.

One of my favourite characters, Jo Harvelle, died from Hellhound wounds which was probably what happened to Bela Talbot as well although we don’t actually see it happen. Jo’s mum, Ellen, dies soon after her daughter by blowing up the remaining Hellhounds with a bomb, committing noble suicide.

I’m going to move onto Dean, who must have killed the majority of the woman on my list: Over the years, he has killed Eve, Demons Ruby and Abaddon, and Reapers April and Tessa whereas for Sam I only have him down as killing Lilith and werewolf Madison, (however you could say he helped out a lot when Dean killed Ruby). Dean also technically kills his cousin Gwen Campbell but he was possessed by the Khan Worm at the time. (So I’m saying that Gwen was killed by the Khan Worm, but people may disagree with me and say that Dean killed her or even Eve as she was the one who created and ordered the Worm to kill, but didn’t physically carry it out herself.)

In terms of villains, the evil Demon Azazel kills three women (Deanna Campbell, Mary Winchester and Jessica Moore), Crowley kills Meg with an Angel blade and Sarah Blake with a hex bag, Metatron kills Naomi and the Archangel Michael kills Anna.

Pamela Barnes and Tara are both killed by a male Demon, the Angel Muriel is killed by a male Angel, Annie Hawkins is killed by a male ghost, and Molly McNamara, even though she technically died due to a car crash, was tortured for years after her death by another male ghost. Similar to the ‘non-supernatural’ death of a car accident, Layla Rourke presumingly died because of an inoperational brain tumor, and Ava was killed by Jake Tulley which was sort of justified because she was murdering a lot of people.

So, I think you can see the pattern that many of the female characters are brutally murdered by men, even if they are innocent. I can understand the deaths of antagonists like Lilith, Eve and Abaddon but Sarah, Pamela, Annie, Muriel, Lenore, Tara (and even Meg a little bit) were all unjustly killed by male figures.

Anyway, female characters who are still currently alive (that we know of) include Angel Hannah, Werewolves Kate, Bess and Violet, Lisa Braedon, Sheriff Jody Mills and Donna Hanscum, Annie Jones, Hunters Krissy Chambers and Tracy Bell, Becky Rosen, Charlie Bradbury, Amelia and Claire Novak, Linda Tran, Missouri Moseley, Cassie Robinson, Marin, Dorothy, Kali, Suzy Lee, Daphne Allen and Amelia Richardson.

Day 30: Free Choice = Favourite female scene

I was going to make myself choose a scene that passes the Bechdel test (a scene where two named woman talk to each other about something that isn’t a man), however I have realised that there are so few scenes that pass this, and the majority of them are scenes of Ellen and Jo discussing their relationship and then…you know…they were killed off. So, not great on that front.

Thinking about it, I really liked Eve’s scene in 6.19 “Mommy Dearest” where she talks to Sam and Dean so I would have to go for that one as my favourite.

30. Eve Mommy Dearest

On a different note, after my discovery on the lack of episodes that pass the Bechdel test, I’ve decided that that’s going to be my next project now that I’ve finished the 30 Days ofSupernatural Women.

I’ve really enjoyed this challenge and have learnt a lot about the females on the show and how they’re treated. I accept greatly that Supernatural is a show based around men, therefore I completely understand why there wouldn’t be a woman in every episode, as the focus is really on these two brothers, but it would be interesting to know how many of the, almost 200, episodes actually represent women accurately.

Image Gallery

ftfans 1. Jo ftfans 2. Nancy ftfans 3. Lisa ftfans 4. Anna ftfans 5. Meg ftfans 6. Abaddon ftfans 7. Tara ftfans 8. Ellen ftfans 9. Ruby ftfans 10. Bela ftfans 11. Eve ftfans 12. Kali ftfans 13. Charlie ftfans 14. Kate ftfans 15. Muriel ftfans 16. Krissy ftfans 17. Missouri ftfans 18. Pamela ftfans 19. Madison ftfans 20. Maryftfans 21. Ruby and Meg ftfans. 22. Abaddon and Dean23. Jody and Annie 24. Deanna and Mary25. Ruby and Bela 26. Jo and Anna27. Lilith and Ruby 28. Tessa and In My Time of DyingDay 8. Mother Characters 30. Eve Mommy Dearest

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