The Lucifer!Cas ending scene was better than the entire episode

There were loads of things I found boring and almost repetitive from this weeks episode, 11.10 “The Devil in the Details”, but I’m going to let it slide, and only talk about them for a little bit, because Lucifer possessing Castiel’s vessel is probably the best thing the writer’s have done since Demon Dean.


Let’s get the negatives out of the way first and say that for the majority of the episode I was incredibly bored. I felt that a lot of the story was pointless in all honesty; Lucifer taking Sam through his memories (literally showing us scenes we have already seen before just to fill time), Dean, Crowley and Rowena working together in Hell, the surprising (but not-so-surprising) return of Amara, and just regurgitated plot devices we’ve already seen a hundred times before. However, the ending scene literally made it all worth it.

Lucifer!Cas: The Scene

So, after Sam, Dean and Cas appear to just stroll out of Lucifer’s cage, after believing Rowena’s spell restrained Lucifer, the Winchester’s head home. At this point, Castiel seems like his usual social-awkward, robotic self. Dean expresses his concern for the angel to which Cas replies “I think [I’m okay]. I will be.” In hindsight, this is Lucifer replying that he will be okay because he’s out of the cage now, and ready to begin whatever plans he has brewing for Earth and Hell. In the car, Sam appears to be even more worried about Cas (rightly so), however Dean shakes it off, putting it down to the “tough day”. We then have the brothers discussing whether they should have freed Lucifer and Dean speaks sense by disagreeing and stating that both The Darkness and Lucifer on Earth would have been a “nightmare”. Eh oh.


We then have such an amazing short scene between Rowena and Crowley whereby it’s finally explained why Rowena has so much hatred for her son. With his mother under his control in a witch catcher, Crowley asks simply “Why do you hate me?” and we learn a lot about Rowena’s past and who she was before she became a witch. We find out that Crowley’s father was married to another woman and left Rowena, “half-dead” after labour, to raise him by herself. Rowena also reveals that, before performing magic, she was a “tanner’s daughter”, and smelled like “filth and death”. Rowena reveals that she sees her younger self in Crowley; a weak nobody, and also hates him because, if she didn’t hate him, she would love him and love is weakness. “I will never be weak again” she finishes with. I thought this was amazing writing and contrasts brilliantly with the following events as Rowena obviously adores and worships Lucifer, almost like love, which ultimately makes her weak (something she swore she would never be) and she is betrayed and killed by Lucifer himself. Although I didn’t want Rowena to be killed off as I loved her character, I did enjoy her departure because of this scene and the irony behind it. I did feel that Rowena had a good send off because we finally get to see her past struggles and the reason behind her withdrawn and distasteful attitude to Crowley.


Then along comes Castiel, looking just a little different as the blood and bruises he accumulated from the fight in the cage have cleared up. Crowley has no idea who it really is but there’s a tiny spark of hope in Rowena’s eyes. Cas then smiles, relaxes and then we see the Lucifer-isms coming through as he gets rid of the rigid posture of Castiel and slumps, putting his hands in his pockets. It’s at this point, we all want to scream because we know what’s coming and Rowena confirms it. LUCIFER’s BACK! We then get a small flashback to the cage whereby Castiel gives up his vessel in hope that Lucifer will stop Amara. The burst of light from this arrangement, reminiscent of angel possession, was assumed by Sam and Dean to have been Rowena’s spell to restrain Lucifer. The Winchesters have fought enough angels to really have known this was a possession but you can’t blame them for wanting to believe they had outwitted the devil.


Now, many fans are pondering over just why Castiel succumbed to Lucifer, with the majority opting for Castiel feeling expendable, which was a thought initiated by a fellow angel earlier on in the episode. The angel, Ambriel, tells Cas that, after hearing stories about him, believed he wasn’t the hero like Sam and Dean but more so the sacrifice, or the expendable third-wheel. Now, you can interpret this to mean that Cas realised that he was just a soldier and therefore felt his own life was not important and let Lucifer take his body, sparing Sam from becoming his vessel, or you may believe that Cas wanted to be seen as a hero and impress people and so sacrificed his body to create a name for himself. In my opinion, these are all valuable factors in Cas’s decision however I feel that the most important aspect was actually Cas meeting Amara in this episode.

After all of the thousands of angels in Heaven smited Amara, Castiel sees her absorb Ambriel’s soul and literally turn night into day returning to (almost) full strength. Castiel is forced to deliver a message when Amara burns writing into his chest and transports him to the gates of Hell. Castiel was the only one in the episode to have seen Amara’s full power after she was struck down with such force, unlike Sam, Dean, Crowley or Rowena. Castiel knows better than anyone the power of Heaven and seeing Amara survive that and still show so much strength probably put things in perspective for him. Whilst the Winchesters worried about Lucifer, Cas saw what Amara could do and that’s why he was the only one in the cage who had the motivation to say yes and turn to Lucifer for help. Maybe it was the wrong thing to do, but Castiel, after being attacked by The Darkness herself, and probably terrified, believed there was no other choice. “Can you really beat her?” was Castiel’s last words before agreeing, it’s obvious that he wants an end to Amara and that’s his focus, not the Winchester’s safety or his own reputation but Amara and the protection of Earth.


“I’m back, baby!” Lucifer announces and Rowena is thrilled. She is easily seduced by Lucifer!Cas, becoming the “weak” girl she spoke about at the beginning of the scene. I would have loved to have seen a heated relationship between Rowena and Lucifer during the rest of the season, but obviously Lucifer had to make sure he couldn’t be trapped in the cage once again and actively carries out his “snapping necks” occupation he mentioned earlier by murdering Rowena. With the witch dead, the hopes of getting the cage open reduces. Lucifer makes sure of this by asking Rowena before killing her “Can anyone else open the cage?”, receiving the reply “Just me”. Even Crowley flinches when he sees his helpless mother on the floor with her face on the wrong way.


I’m sure Rowena isn’t the only one who can open the cage and it’s probable that Rowena only said that to appear superior and important. However, Rowena’s crush on the Devil was short-lived (literally) and the scene ends with Crowley at the feet of Lucifer himself at the beginning of a “chat” or the plotting to destroy The Darkness, and probably the world along with her. Will Lucifer keep Crowley prisoner in Hell? Probably but, more importantly, watching the promo for the next episode is getting me all excited to see how Lucifer blends in with the Winchesters, incognito as the clumsy, awkward Cas. I’m looking forward to watching Misha take on yet another antagonist role. Over the years, we’ve seen him play a traitorous Castiel working with Crowley, an omniscient dark God-like character, a Leviathan and an uncontrollable attack-dog at the beginning of this season but this is something else all together as we’re getting Lucifer, the fan-favourite villain for his sarcasm and craziness, in Castiel’s body. I can’t wait.


There is a part of me which is incredibly worried that the writers will abandon this Lucifer!Cas storyline sooner than they should, a trait of theirs and a repeat of last year’s Demon!Dean fiasco and all the other times they created stories and characters with massive potential and failed miserably.

Obviously, there are other points to make about the episode such as: Where the f*ck was Michael and Adam? and Why is Billie, the reaper, even working for Crowley? and How did Sam, Dean and Castiel get out of the cage? However, I am willing to forget these plot holes in appreciation for Lucifer!Cas and his future in the rest of the season.

Watch the promo for next week’s episode!


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