“What new Hell has Dean Winchester unleashed upon the world?” – Season 11 Extended Promo

The new promo for Supernatural Season 11 looks eerie and epic, with preview footage being shown alongside a female vocalist reprising the sinister O Death folk song.

The music, as well as the witch, Rowena’s, comment “What new Hell has Dean Winchester unleashed upon the world?” suggests the elder Winchester’s decision to kill Death last season was not a wise one. Of course, Rowena could also be referring to the release of The Darkness which came about after lifting the Mark of Cain curse from Dean.

Speculations suggest that both the arrival of The Darkness and the suspension of death mean that Sam and Dean will be facing one of the biggest challenges they have ever faced this year. However, this could also mean that the new big bad is unable to kill anyone due to Death not being around to reap any victims and transport them on to the other side. This could work out well however I’m sure the Winchester’s will be forced to find a way to bring back Death or fix the unbalance they have caused on the world.

The emphasise on death continues as another unknown female character states “I know you’re dying, I can feel it.” This kind of goes against the idea of Death being absent but, then again, there are rumours of The Darkness manifesting in a woman which would explain the character’s mysterious and mystical comment. Or is The Darkness manifesting into a different woman shown within a cloud of black smoke? Does The Darkness benefit from Dean killing Death or does it get irritated by this as it can’t cause any permanent harm to humans? Is rumours about Sam’s demon blood addiction being a pivotal storyline going to be a part of this dilemma? And why the hell is there a creepy-ass clown and man dressed in a bunny suit shown in the promo!?

So many questions, so little time to ponder over them as Supernatural returns this Wednesday, October 7th at 9/8 central on the CW.

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