Season 11 Premiere “Out of the Darkness, Into the Fire” Preview Clip – Transcript


(SAM and DEAN are driving the Impala and stop by two crashed cars and an abandoned sheriff’s police car. They explore the scene with their guns out. Road workers lie dead at the scene. SAM investigates a crashed car in which a man, wife and child are also revealed dead inside. SAM shakes his head towards DEAN.)

Dean: What the hell happened here?

(A car door creaks behind SAM and DEAN making them turn.)

Sam: Hello?

(A road worker walks into view from behind a crashed truck. He has black veins running up his neck and onto the sides of his face.)

Dean: That’s not a happy sight. (SAM and DEAN raise their guns.) Hey, easy buddy … just stay cool ’till we figure out what’s going on here, okay?

(The road worker begins walking threateningly towards them.)

Dean:(to the road worker) Kinda narrowing my options here.

Sam: You know he is.

(The worker gets shot from behind and falls to the ground. A sheriff is revealed crouching by her car with a shotgun.)

Sheriff:(to SAM and DEAN) Weapons on the ground! Slow!

Dean: Woah, woah, woah, woah, easy officer, we’re FBI, okay? We got badges!

(SAM and DEAN try to reach for their pockets but the sheriff reloads her gun to stop them.)

Sheriff: Don’t! … Show me some skin.

Dean: Huh?

Sam: What?

Sheriff: Both of you.

Dean: Is this like a Magic Mike moment?

Sheriff: Your throats!

Sam: … Oh, you think we’re, we’re- (gesturing to the fallen road worker). We don’t even know what these are!

Sheriff: I need to know you’re not one of them.

Dean: One of what?

Sheriff: Let’s go!

Dean: Ok, alright (SAM and DEAN pull down the tops of their shirts to reveal clean necks.) Look, ha, see?

Sheriff: Good. (Lowering her gun.) Let’s see those I.Ds.

(She leans back onto her car in pain from a stomach injury, breathing heavily.)

Dean: Yeah, woah. (SAM and DEAN start walking towards her.) Take, take it easy, okay? (He points to the injury.) Bad guys?

Sheriff: Rebar.

[Watch the Preview Clip Here]

Supernatural Season 11 premiere’s Wednesday October 7th at 9/8c.

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