Season 11 Promo: WTF is the Darkness?

With a trailer very reminiscent of A Clockwork Orange, Supernatural, Season 11, seems to be a blend of The Walking Dead, Dominion and those old Leviathan monsters from the god-awful Supernatural season 7. The CW sci-fi series seems to be taking a massive risk as the promo released yesterday shows some pretty crazy, but also bad-ass, stuff. So WTF is going on this year and What is the darkness?

supernatural 11

Let’s talk about the characters before starting discussion on the new big bad. So, we’ve got Crowley, continuing to work with the Winchesters as he explains a bit about the darkness (and by “a bit” I mean not really anything at all.) The King of Hell states; “It’s old, deep, dark. Darkness … terrible name by the way”. The writers continue to be ambiguous and mysterious as they give us no more information than we already had about the new villain of the show.

Sam appears to be pretty broken up about everything in this trailer as he appears to pray; “If you can hear me, God, we need your help,” before saying “This is my fault … and I don’t know how to fix it.” Technically, Dean should carry some of his brother’s guilt seeing as Dean was the one that “killed” Death in the Season 10 finale and accepted the Mark of Cain (the lock and key to the Darkness) in the first place, without knowing any of the consequences.

11111 111

Dean is usually the one to develop self-hatred due to guilt of things he’s done in the past but, strangely, Dean seems to be the perkiest and happiest character in this promo, answering his cell phone with a token reference, “Ghostbusters”. His attitude could be down to the fact that he’s finally Mark of Cain-less, meaning no corruption, no demonic, evil force driving him to massacre everyone he sees. Yeah, that could be the reason. Contrastingly, Sam seems to be the one completely disrupted as black veins appear on his neck and there’s a lot of screaming, and chains, and dramatic music typical of Supernatural. It’s like Sam and Dean have swapped places and Sam is now the brother who needs saving, protecting and warding from the evil that is growing inside him.

11 1111

Castiel seems to be acting similar to Sam, although this is probably because of Rowena’s “attack dog” spell she put on the angel last season. Cas still has very bloodshot eyes as he fights with Crowley (which is where we left off last season) and is shown in a similar situation to Sam; a little crazy, chained up and screaming. Crowley and Dean seem to be the only sane characters this season, which is saying something.

111111 1

Fans have already confirmed the return of Rowena and Hannah from the trailer and I’m guessing it’s hinted that the Winchesters are going to have to fight the Darkness, not just inside themselves, but inside other people as there are many scenes of unknown characters, with blackish veins, fighting and screaming (again with the screaming). There are also some individuals shown lying dead as though the Darkness has, either killed them, or possessed them and dumped them.

This is all speculation on my part but, from what I can dissect, it seems that the Darkness corrupts and manifests in humans. After all, how can a show have a Big Bad that is, essentially, black smoke? Possession of humans gives antagonists a familiar face and a voice, which is the reason behind all the demon and angel possession in the show. (As well as it costing less to film.)

So, this is what we know already about the Darkness …

The Darkness is older than mankind and maybe even God himself, and, before God created the world, the Darkness needed to be defeated. God, and his four archangels, Michael, Lucifer, Gabriel and Raphael, fought with the Darkness but it was too powerful. They couldn’t destroy the Darkness so God locked it away (and from the Season 10 finale, it seems he locked it away in, or under, the Earth – God may even have made the Earth as a prison for the Darkness).

The lock and key for the prison was given to God’s most loyal archangel, Lucifer, which eventually became the Mark of Cain. According to Death, as the Darkness is so powerful, the Mark itself began to be corrupted by evil. At some point, Lucifer himself was corrupted and was disowned by God. Lucifer created the first demons, like Cain and Lilith, by corrupting humans, in an aid to show his father that humans were not all pure and special and were easily disrupted and could be immoral and sinful. The Mark was passed onto Cain which was later passed onto Dean. The Mark corrupted every host that bore it until the witch, Rowena, lifted the curse and the lock and key was opened, releasing the Darkness.

maxresdefault The_Darkness_(Supernatural)

Firstly, I believe that the Darkness, in essence, is literally evil. Before Lucifer became corrupted by the Mark, demons did not exist. The Darkness, itself, looks very, very similar to demon smoke. In a way, the Darkness may have managed to seep out of it’s prison through Lucifer and manifest into the demons he created. After all, the promo shows many characters seemingly possessed by the Darkness, including Sam, which looks very similar to demon possession.

I mentioned the Leviathan monsters in the intro and, the Darkness possession in the promo also looks very similar to when Castiel was possessed by the Leviathans in Season 7. The link here is that the Leviathans are, also, very old, walked the Earth before humans, and God had to lock them up in purgatory, fearing they were to vicious. The Darkness could have created the Leviathans before they were trapped by God. The Leviathans also bleed black blood. In my head, this all makes sense, but let me know what you think in the comments section.

Overall, from what has been revealed about the Darkness, how God and his four most powerful angels couldn’t kill it, only trap it, it seems the Winchester’s are in for a mighty showdown this year. Maybe the reveal of God, or the return of some powerful friends such as the archangel Gabriel, is imminent. But, if the Darkness is the source of all evil (awh Charmed memories), as it may be responsible for the Leviathans, the demons, and the corruption of humans, then, if it’s defeated, it may mean the end of hunting for the boys. As great as that triumph would be, I hope it doesn’t bring on the end of the show for good.


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