Season 10 ‘Look Ahead’ Trailer – Transcript

Watch the Trailer

Narrator: Beginning March 18th…

Crowley: I have Sam and Dean where I want them.

Narrator: Wednesdays are for Winchesters!

Sam: Learn it, live it, love it.

Dean: Great.

Rowena: Winchesters!

Metatron: Awesome program!

A nun: Are you making fun of me?

Cole: I think I’m gonna be coming with you.
Dean: Like Hell, you are.

Crowley: Do you care to comment?

Narrator: …And when they move this time, there’s no going back!

Metatron: It worked before!
Castiel: Shoot him!
Metatron: No, no!

Dean: I’m feeling good about this.

Narrator: Supernatural, all-new episodes move to Wednesdays, starting March 18th on The CW.


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