Demon Dean and his Not-So-Demonic Powers

What powers did Demon Dean actually possess? I talk about his super strength, telekinesis, teleportation, healing, heightened senses and more…

  • Super Strength

Personally, I was expecting to see a lot more supernatural ability shown in Dean. Yes, we see him when he is involved in physical fights and he appears very strong, which could indicate super strength, but is he any stronger than he would normally be? We know from Season 9 that the Mark of Cain does give Dean a lot of juice in terms of strength even when he was human. However, I feel that Demon Dean would be equally as skilled in hand-to-hand combat as he was raised a hunter and is physically fit anyway. The Mark of Cain may have given him a little bit more muscle and durability but I think he would have won in a fight against Cole regardless of whether he was a demon or not. Then again, we don’t really have any measure of how good Cole actually is.

  • Telekinesis

Demons have many abilities but I was most looking forward to seeing Dean using telekinesis and teleportation. We first see some form of telekinesis in Dean during 9.21 “King of the Damned” when Dean lures the First Blade to him in order to kill Abaddon. This ability appears to have one purpose which is to retrieve the First Blade. The power radiates from the Mark of Cain and it’s addictive qualities, and so is repeated only once again in 9.23 “Do You Believe in Miracles?” before Dean is killed by Metatron. I expected that these powers would be elaborated on or at least sustained in Season 10 but there is no further use of telekinetic abilities in Dean when he turns into a demon. I would have liked to see Demon Dean restraining people up against a wall at some point like a normal demon but apparently not.

  • Teleportation

In terms of teleportation, there is a hint, I thought, in 10.03 “Soul Survivor” when Dean appears behind Sam and attacks him with a hammer when he was last seen and heard in a different area of the bunker. He could of easily teleported to this position as I really don’t know how he got past Sam otherwise but that is a very small hint that I am probably over analysing.

If you didn’t pick up on this moment and disregard the slight clue, then Dean appears to not have the ability to teleport and, if he does, he doesn’t choose to utilise it. I instantly believed that Dean would have some of these demonic powers and was hoping he would use them to his advantage when he was captured by Sam. I have come to the conclusion that this may be due to the fact that Demon Dean is a lot more brutal, violent and aggressive and, in so being, wants to really drag out the physically fights that he gets involved in and not just take the easy way out by restraining enemies with his mind or teleporting his way out of the situation.

Demon Dean basically acts like a human. This could be purposefully to divert attention but, then again, he does insist on karoake. Maybe Dean doesn’t want to be seen as different or non-human which would explain his lack of demonic power usage. Dean has always been a physical, hands-on kind of guy and this reflects on his demon persona as he only ever seems to use physical strength to fight enemies. However, you could say that Dean is avoiding using supernatural powers as he still sees it as something that is wrong, he still sees himself as a hunter or even a human maybe.

  • Healing

Then there is something that was touched on quite a bit in “Reichenbach” which was the ability to heal oneself. At first, Dean deliberately cuts his own palm with the First Blade to show both himself and the audience that he is no longer human as the wound closes up almost instantly. Other viewers may interpret this a little deeper by saying that Dean is so consumed with self-hatred at this point that he finds it necessary to hurt himself to get the truth. We then see this healing power again when he is fighting Cole who cuts Dean’s face with a silver knife. The mark heals up dramatically as Dean states “I’m a demon” which perfectly mirrors the earlier healing of his hand because, at the time, he was mentally struggling on where to place himself in terms of whether he was part of humanity or the demon population. He was questioning who he was, as Crowley’s words echoed in his head, and, in this fight, he finally accepts who he is as his flesh is supernaturally healed once more.

This does create a uniqueness about the Demon Dean character in that he is a villain but he isn’t conventional and doesn’t hold stereotypical evil ideas and values. He just wants to be left alone to forget about guilt or past regrets and to purely have fun. He doesn’t want to draw attention to the fact that he is different.

  • Heightened Senses

When I researched I found that demons also have a heightened sense of smell and taste and it reminded me of a moment in “Soul Survivor” when Dean was psychotically seeking out Sam throughout the bunker. I felt that sometimes it looked as though Dean was smelling his way to Sam and, at one point, he seems to breath in and then turn back the other way towards his old room and knocks the door down, like he was expecting Sam to be there. Dean is partly right as Sam was last seen looking through Dean’s old photographs in his room and I just thought it was really creepy and subtle. It creates an animalistic Dean who sniffs out Sam’s trail.

  • Other Aspects

Other aspects of Dean that is shown as demony (I’m coining that) is obviously being able to drink copious amounts of alcohol with little hangovers, not having to eat or sleep, and appearing to be immune to Cole’s smoke bomb in 10.02 “Reichenbach” when it completely floors Sam, which could be due to the fact that demons don’t need to breath.

Additionally, as well as the lack of Dean’s demonic powers, the fans missed out on seeing Dean’s demon smoke and twisted soul. I also would have liked to have seen Dean in Hell, interacting with other demons rather than just Crowley and, in general, doing more ‘demony’ stuff.

Originally Written: October 28th 2014

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