Re-Watch Marathons – An Aid For Surviving ANY Hiatus

Note: I wrote out these marathons during the 2014 summer hiatus.

Click Here to go to the ‘Re-Watch Marathons’ Page
where you can find all the episodes for the following themes:

John and Mary Winchester _ Jessica Moore _ Meg _ Ghostfacers _ Ellen and Jo Harvelle _ The Trickster _ Lisa and Ben Braeden _ Chuck Shurley _ Jody Mills _ Death _ Garth Fitzgerald IV _ Charlie Bradbury _ Kevin Tran _ Werewolves _ Shapeshifters _ Sex _ Time Travel _ Hell _ Heaven _Director Jensen _ Premieres and Finales

As well as marathons based on the title of the episode such as episodes with the name of an animal or a colour in the title. These are those:

Animals _ Heart _ Road _ My _ Girl _ Colours _ Sam and Dean _ Family _ Dead _ God and The Devil _ Numbers _ Blood _ Man _ Names _ And

And, finally, the last and longest marathon is all of the one-worded episodes.


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