10.11 “There’s No Place Like Home” Preview Clip – Transcript


(SAM and DEAN burst through the front door with their guns out. They enter a room where they find CHARLIE who is restraining a sobbing woman with a knife.)

Charlie: Should have known Rocket and Groot would track me down.

Sam: Let her go.

Charlie: Who?… Oh, her? (She looks at the woman before punching her.)

Sam: Don’t do this!

Charlie: I just want answers.

Dean: The answers; when did you start pounding on people for those? What the hell happened to you in Oz?

Charlie: Everything I wanted, an adventure … I even got my own little sword (indicating her knife).

Sam: Charlie-

Charlie: Oh, Sam, you’re adorable. You’re not gonna hurt me. In fact, that’s your problem. All good guy code, no bite. What a waste. And you, (talking to DEAN) always letting this albatross hold you back.

Dean: Okay, alright, you know what, I don’t know what’s going on here, okay. (He puts his gun away and SAM does the same.) – But this, this is not you.

Charlie: Oh, it’s me alright.

Dean: Charlie, put the knife down, let her go. We don’t wanna hurt you kiddo but we’re not gonna let you do this-

(CHARLIE pushes the woman towards SAM and DEAN before running out of the room. DEAN runs after her through another door, grabbing her legs and tackling her onto the ground.)

Dean: Stop, wait- (CHARLIE restrains DEAN in a grappling hold headlock with her legs.) Crap-

(CHARLIE pushes him away and punches him. She stands up as DEAN rolls over onto his front. CHARLIE kicks him in the face and walks out.)

Dean:(struggling to get up) Sam!

[Watch the Preview Clip Here]


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