Is there anything Supernatural hasn’t done yet? – The 5 Episodes Still Waiting to Be Made

The Supernatural writers have seemingly done everything. The meta, the weird, the wonderful. With Season 10 bringing the first musical-ish episode and an episode coming up involving Dean transforming into his younger self, how many crazy concepts are there left that fans have been desperately asking for?

1. Human!Impala

This is a popular mode of cosplay amongst fans and would be both hilarious and exciting; an episode in which Dean’s “baby” is turned into human form. Back in 5.08 “Changing Channels“, we briefly saw Sam become the 1967 Chevy Impala when the Trickster, Angel Gabriel, decided to mess around with the boys once again but, unfortunately, the car has never had a voice of it’s own. The beautiful car, although practically known in the fandom as being important enough to be a character in itself, has never had a chance to speak to Sam and Dean, despite being in their lives forever, taking them all over the country and being bashed, broken and crushed multiple times, all in the name of saving the world.

Having the car turn into, either a man dressed in leather making Dean rethink his entire life or a sexy woman who can finally return Dean’s flirting, would become a fan-favourite episode without doubt. Other ideas have included a mother figure who can understandably take the boys under her wing, having heard all of their brotherly moments, or someone socially awkward and inept, kissing the boys excessively because she is unsure of how intimate to be.

Personally, I think it would have to be a woman who could join Sam and Dean on their current case, admiring them, making out with Dean a few times, and, as many fan arts and fan fics depict, be a comforting, voice of reason figure for the boys. After all, the Winchesters would most definitely dote on her every word.

You know what would make this even more amazing? If Jensen Ackles‘ wife, Danneel, was hired to play the character. Rumours are that Ackles mentioned his partner when asked about which actor he would want to play the human!impala, and Danneel is just so pretty and talented and sexy. It would be beyond perfect.

th Danneel Harris Ackles2 (1)

2. Sam and Dean Body Swap

Again, this has also been talked about quite a lot, with Jared Padalecki stating himself that “I hope it never gets done”Sam and Dean swap bodies and we would get to see Jared and Jensen play each other. Who wouldn’t want this episode?

It has been revealed that this idea was originally written in the Season 5 episode “Swap Meat” which was either cut out of the episode or completely changed to a teenage boy, having meddled with the magical arts, body swapping with Sam.

th (1)

It is known that Jared and Jensen are, after playing their characters for over a decade, very protective of Sam and Dean, but they are also close friends off screen and so would definitely be able to swap characters for a bit and do it well.

3. The Winchesters Go Abroad

Jensen Ackles has recently expressed his wishes of going on an actual road trip whilst filming, with a bunch of episodes being shot on location in different areas of America. That, alone, would be pretty cool, considering the entire show has been filmed in Vancouver since forever.

However, as the Supernatural conventions occur worldwide, (with myself attending Asylum14 this year in the UK and the actors loyally flying out to various places in Europe, Australia and Asia as well as all across America) fans around the world want to see Sam and Dean kicking ass in their countries.

The boys have met some culture-specific monsters in the past but sometimes it seems like they forget that there must be supernatural creatures and hunters in other countries. We saw the boys travel to Scotland in Season 6’s “Weekend at Bobby’s“, in order to retrieve Crowley’s human bones, but, obviously, that was all still filmed in Canada.

6x04-Weekend-at-Bobby-s-supernatural-16300364-1280-720 6x04-Weekend-at-Bobby-s-supernatural-16300373-1280-720

As I live in the UK, I am a bit biased but, because series regular Crowley and his mum Rowena originate from Britain, I hope one day in the, not-to-far, future the crew can visit us lot over here to film an episode. Or, you know, maybe we could save that for the movie.

4. Gender Bend

Turning Sam and Dean into women, sometimes referred to in the fandom as Deanna and Samantha, would be another hilarious story. I think the fans would love this one because, as well as the majority of us being female and being able to see what the show might have looked like if it had starred women, I think it may just be the funniest episode on this list.

Sam and Dean getting hit on by guys, having to buy women’s clothes, Dean laughing at his boobs,  or, as Misha Collins put it at JIBCon last year, “play[ing] with himself” to which Jensen agreed that Dean’s instant reaction would be “Hehe, titties!” 

Whether both boys are gender swapped (and possibly Castiel and Crowley too) or just one, it would be an original and classic idea. I would have to have Natalie Dormer play female Dean, which I think most fans want. And, for me, Sam would be a Katie McGrath kind of girl.

v v

5. Aliens

Does this one need any explanation?

If you think hard enough, there are a few mythological creatures that the writers haven’t ventured on yet. Unicorns, giants, elves…but, the point is, that aliens seems to be quite a big concept that they are missing. I don’t think fans mention this topic very much because it is a show about supernatural creatures on Earth, and I feel like we don’t really need it at the moment. I think some people even fear that it may get too similar to Doctor Who.

Death himself has stated that there are inhabitants on other planets and yet Sam and Dean still deny extra terrestrial activity as the cause of all of their cases. It’s almost like a running joke on the show; to dismiss anyone who suggests aliens are involved (because that would be ridiculous). So far, they have never been wrong and this may be because the boys have enough on their plates as it is and the writers do not want to make the plot even more confusing. The episode 6.09 “Clap Your Hands If You Believe“, a spoof of The X-Files, touches on the concept the most when Dean is convinced that he was abducted by aliens when, in actual fact, it was just the fairies. Naturally.


The show has been reinvigorated many times over the years with the introduction of Demons, time travel, the apocalypse, Purgatory, Leviathans, the tablets and, most prominently, when Castiel first appeared in Season 4 revealing the existence of Angels. More recently, this has led to the Men of Letters’ set, Angels falling from Heaven and the Mark of Cain and I think that, if the show continues for years, aliens would be such a great way to reinvent the story. It would change things up once again which is ultimately the reason why the show has gone on for so long.

I will leave you with this video whereby Jared and Jensen are asked what
they would write if they could write a funny Supernatural script, stating
                                          “we’ve done everything…”

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2 Responses to Is there anything Supernatural hasn’t done yet? – The 5 Episodes Still Waiting to Be Made

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  2. Adam Dunbobbin says:

    What about an Aleister Crowley episode? Could this not be a Rowena led adventure, current Crowley’s pride and wanting to be the one, true Crowley, forcing his hand to enlist the help of the boys and their team? Witches of the world uniting to defeat our slap -happy selection of supernatural slayers? Bet it could be a feature length, with the possibility of a UK visit…. Sure he died in Blackpool. Probably an undercooked sea urchin…


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