10.10 “The Hunter Games” Preview Clip – Transcript


Castiel: She barely speaks to me. She’s like a wounded animal just watching me.

Sam: Look Cas, you know what, you really tried to do the right thing that night, you did. This guy Claire was hanging out with, Randy, all he did was use her.

Castiel: Yeah, well, she thought he was kind and, for that, she loved him. It shows how little kindness there was in her life. You know, whatever Randy did, he didn’t deserve-

Sam: No, yeah, I know, I know, I hear you. Dean has had to kill before, we, we both have…but that was-

Dean: (entering the room) That was what?

Sam: Dean-

Dean: It was a massacre, is what it was. There was a time I was a hunter, not a stone cold killer. You can say it, you’re not wrong. I crossed a line. Guys, this thing’s gotta go. (DEAN pulls up his sleeve to reveal the Mark of Cain.)

Castiel: That won’t be easy.

Dean: (raising his voice) Well then burn it off! Cut it off!

Castiel: It is more than just a physical thing, it will take a very powerful force to remove the effect.

Sam: Dean, we have been through all the law, there’s nothing.

Castiel: This reaches back to the time of creation, it may pre-date the law. If we had the demon tablet maybe…

Sam: You said it was missing?

Castiel: It is. There may be another way.

[Watch the Preview Clip Here]


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