E4 to air Supernatural Seasons 9 and 10!

You can read the official article that Channel 4 has released here.

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I actually couldn’t believe it when Misha and Mark first announced it on Twitter. I actually thought it was some kind of cruel joke but, now that it is confirmed, I am so excited. I am also a huge fan of E4 and can not think of a better channel to air the show. E4 has shown and publicised so many American TV shows over here including The Big Bang Theory and The 100, and I’m sure that they will not regret picking up Supernatural as well.

Through running this blog, and going to my first convention next May (Asylum 14), Supernatural has become such a big part of my life. I started watching it after it was dropped by Sky Living and so I’ve never been able to say that it is here in the UK. It isn’t some strange, overlooked show that we have to watch in the dark, on crappy quality sites, anymore. It feels like there is now a UK fanbase.

The Supernatural fandom is a family and, when the show was homeless in the UK, my family was across a massive ocean and I just had to sit and watch from miles away. I want to thank everyone who campaigned to get it shown in the UK, and E4 for buying the rights. You have no idea how much I love every one of you. Thank you. x

Supernatural will return to E4 for Season 10 on Wednesday the 14th of October 2015 at 10pm.


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2 Responses to E4 to air Supernatural Seasons 9 and 10!

  1. Leo says:

    Im hoping november 7th is a confirmed date for season 10, love the show much, even love the carry on wayward son cover by pellek on youtube – trust me even he is a fan – i just stumbled upon that date amid google searching so you know i dont want to say it is, purely as the site does not have the news on the first page, over 12million fans nearing 13million, also any good tv paranormal investigators in your opinion, mines zak nick and Aaron of ghost adventures, most haunted no longer last, haunting australias that lately for Britain


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