10.09 “The Things We Left Behind” Preview Clip – Transcript


(DEAN and CASTIEL sit at a small table. CASTIEL has an uneaten burger in front of him and is studying a bottle of ketchup in his hands.)

Castiel: Is ketchup a vegetable?

Dean: Hell, yes. (CASTIEL puts the ketchup back on the table.) Alright, so spill, what’s with the family reunion?

Castiel:(sighing) I don’t know. I’ve just been…thinking about people. (DEAN looks around him before swapping CASTIEL’s burger with his empty plate.) I’ve helped some but I’ve…I’ve hurt some.

Dean:(before taking a bite of the burger) So, you’re having a mid-life crisis?

Castiel: Well, I’m extremely old, I think I’m entitled.

Dean:(whilst still trying to swallow his food) Cas, listen to me. Some stuff you just gotta let go…okay? The people you let down, the ones you can’t save. You gotta forget about them, for your own good.

Castiel: That what you do?

Dean: That’s the opposite of what I do, but I ain’t exactly a role model. 

Castiel: That’s not true.

Dean:(sarcastically, with a chuckle) …Yeah.

Castiel: How are you, Dean?

Dean: …Fine. (CASTIEL continues to stare at DEAN.) I’m great.

Castiel: No, you’re not.

Dean: …Yeah, well, I lost the black eyes, so, that’s a plus. I still have this… (DEAN pats his right arm, indicating the mark.)

Castiel: Is the Mark of Cain still affecting you?

(DEAN blanks out as he imagines himself in a dark room, holding a knife, with blood and dead bodies around him. CASTIEL’s voice is heard.)

Castiel: Dean? Dean? (DEAN snaps out of it.)

Dean: …Cas, I need you to promise me something.

Castiel: Of course.

Dean: If I do go dark side, you gotta take me out.

Castiel: What do you mean?

Dean: Knife me, smite me, throw me into the frickin’ sun, whatever…and don’t let Sam get in the way because he’ll try…I can’t go down that road again, man…I can’t be that thing again.

[Click Here to Watch the Preview]


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