10.09 “Hibbing 911” Preview Clip – Transcript


(SAM walks in carrying a laptop. DEAN is reading from a pile of books at the table.)

Sam: Hey, we good?

Dean: Aces. Yeah, I love the smell of parchment in the morning.

(SAM places the laptop down on the table and sits.)

Sam: I mean, how much law is even left? We’ve got nothing on the mark?

Dean: Right? You’d think these eggheads, with all the crap they unmasked over the years, would have actually collected something important. Here…(DEAN picks up a pile of papers to his left, clears this throat and reads from the top sheet.) “He-wolf, She-wolf: A Study in Werewolf Transgenderism” (DEAN slams his hand on the papers in anger.) Six hundred pages! Volume One. (He puts the papers back.) But, now, something important like, I don’t know, maybe the oldest symbol known to man…that’s not worth our time. It’s not weird enough.

[Click Here to Watch the Preview Clip for 10.09 “Hibbing 911]


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