J2 and the German Accent

  • Fan: Hey, Jensen, Jared…
  • Jensen: Hi!
  • Fan: My question-
  • Jared: Wait, say that again, I’m so sorry!
  • Fan: What?
  • Jared: You said ‘Jared’?
  • [Audience Laughs]
  • Jensen: She said ‘Hi, Jared and Jensen,’
  • Jared: Oh, hi!
  • Jensen:(rolls eyes) I’m sorry, you have to speak to hair directly.
  • Fan:…Hi…hair…
  • Jared:(puts hair up to microphone) Hello!
  • [Everyone laughs]
  • Jared: He should be German! (puts hair up to microphone, in German accent) Unzt, Hello!
  • Jensen:(cracks up) I love that…(laughing)…I love that you said he should be German so I’m just gonna add unzt to every word! I’m not gonna say it in German, no!
  • Jared:(in German accent) Unzt, of course!
  • [Everyone cracks up]
  • Jared: Unzt, let’s hear your German accent, buddy!
  • Jensen: Unzt, I don’t have one.
  • Jared:(to fan) Unzt, carry on…
  • …a little while later…
  • Jared:(to Jensen) Unzt…I don’t know what it means. What would you do? Unzt, unzt!
  • Jensen: What does that mean!?
  • Jared: It’s German, it’s German!
  • Jensen:(to audience) Is there any, is there a German out there anywhere?
  • [A fan cheers]
  • Jensen: Okay, does that help you understand English when someone adds an ‘unzt’ in front of it? No?
  • Fan: Nein!
  • Jared: Nein, nein! I heard ‘nein’!
  • Jensen:(to Jared) Nein? That means ‘no’!
  • Jared: I heard ‘nein’!
  • Jensen: Oh! That’s the answer to the question.
  • [Jared cracks up.]
  • Jensen: I’m asking them if ‘unzt’ means anything and they’re saying ‘nein’.
  • Jared: It’s a term of endearment.
  • Fan: It doesn’t mean anything!
  • Jensen: Is it like ‘um’?
  • Jared: That’s a fake German accent!
  • [Audience laughs]
  • Jared: That’s not even a German accent.
  • Fan: No, I’m actually Asian.
  • Jared: You’re Asian? What’s that got to do with German?
  • Jensen: This just got wacky!
  • Jared: Just? Just got wacky?
  • Jensen: Just now. Right then.
  • Fan:(starts speaking German)
  • Jensen: Oh well…
  • Jared: Okay, I stand corrected…
  • Another Fan: NEIN MEANS NO!
  • Jensen: Yeah, we got that covered.
  • [Audience laughs]
  • Jensen: I’m sorry: Unzt, we have that covered.
    • …a little while later…
    • Jensen: I’m just sinking right now.
    • Jared:(in German accent) What are you ‘sinking about?
    • [Audience laughs]
    • Jensen:(laughs) All day, we could go all day like this.

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