10.06 “Ask Jeeves” Preview Clip – Transcript

(EXT. DEAN is mending the impala’s headlight. SAM comes out of the motel’s lobby with two small, hot drinks.)

Sam: Here ya go! Individually brewed. Technology, man. (SAM gives DEAN one of the cups.)

Dean: Real men don’t drink out of cups this small. (He smells the drink.) What is that, cinnamon roll?

Sam: It’s a…glazed doughnut. Look man, if you don’t want it-

Dean: Nah it’s-I got it. (He takes a sip.) So, any leads on the scanner? Or the “intraweb”?

Sam: Nothing. Not even a cat up a tree.

Dean: So, right when we’re reading to jump back into it, it goes radio silence.

Sam: Murphy’s Law.

Dean: Well, Murphy’s a douche. Hey, feel like taking a detour to Connecticut? (DEAN picks up a cell phone.)

Sam: What?

Dean: (handing the phone to SAM) Found it while I was dust busting.

Sam: One of ours?

Dean: It’s one of Bobby’s. And, in total, 27 messages. The only one that counts is from two days ago; apparently Bobby’s been named the beneficiary in Bunny LaKair’s will.

Sam: Bunny La-who?

Dean: Attorney said she’s an heiress, and Bobby’s presence, or next of kin, is being requested in New Canaan. I figure we qualify.

Sam: How did Bobby know an heiress?

Dean: Bobby had secrets, man. Like loving on Tori Spelling. If he only knew Dean cheated on her … Anyway, road trip? Who knows,  maybe Bobby earned us some beer money?

[Watch the Preview Clip Here]


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