Underrated Characters of Season 10 (Part 1)

Similar to the fandom’s “Tractor Angel” in Season 9’s “I Think I’m Gonna Like It Here“, I state my favourite underrated characters of Season 10.
This Week: Episodes 1-5

                      S10 Episode 1: “Black” – The Shop Worker

Picture1 Picture2
On a hunt for Dean, Sam asks a young cashier some questions about the attack that went down in his shop, to which the lad gives some sarcastic responses (referring to Demon Dean as “Porn Guy”).

” You mean when porn guy was stabbing the other guy to death 10
feet in front of me, and I was having a total code brown moment
in my favourite freakin’ pants because I thought I was next,
did I conduct a field interview? No.

The “Shop Worker” turns up at around 19 minutes into the episode, is in one scene which lasts just over a minute and has 4 separate lines opposite Sam.

                      S10 Episode 2: “Reichenbach” – The Teenager

Picture3 Picture4
After Demon Dean punches the hell out of a bouncer, he walks out of the club and collides with a young adolescent to which the teenager says:

” Move, grandpa! 

The “Teenager” makes his appearance at 7 minutes and 43 seconds into the episode and is on screen for a grand total of 5 seconds to blurt out these 2 words. Nonetheless, it was a great comic moment which was mostly due to the contrast between Dean violently letting his anger out in a very one-sided bar fight, to getting mocked by a bunch of high school boys.

                      S10 Episode 3: “Soul Survivor” – The Rebellious Demon

Picture5 Picture6
As Crowley half-heartedly begins to take his seat again as King of Hell, an unnamed, unknown demon declares his hatred for Crowley’s dictatorship, complaining about Crowley’s human blood addiction, bromance with the unreliable Demon Dean, and lack of rewards for the demons who he gets to do his dirty work.

 …you can’t control him or the kingdom! You squandered our loyalty. 

Crowley, the other demons and the audience fears the worst but when Crowley asks “What will you do?” the demon replies “Not live in the Hell you’ve made” before he covers himself in holy water and lights it. In killing himself he not only acts as an example to the other demons who witness the encounter but shows us that Hell is failing and will eventually fall if Crowley continues like he is.

The “Rebellious Demon” appears around 20 minutes into the episode and expresses 4 short lines, one emotional monologue-like speech and a scream and, despite the scene only lasting 50 seconds, I personally thought that it was such a pivotal moment. It also includes a cool VFX effect when his body turns to fire.

                      S10 Episode 4: “Paper Moon” – The Witness (Tommy)

Picture7 Picture8

Unlike most minor, underrated characters, the witness of Sam and Dean’s werewolf case is actually a named civilian; Tommy. After appearing for a moment in the opening scene of the episode, he is mentioned by the Sheriff and then reappears when Sam and Dean interview him. As he has been labelled “a drunk”, Tommy is cautious to be completely honest for fear of sounding crazy but Sam and Dean persuade him to speak his mind to which he expresses his utter belief that a second unknown victim of the “animal attack” was a ghost.

” So, if someone were to tell you they saw a ghost, you’d believe that? “

It’s ironic because, for once, a witness is convinced that a ghost is involved, and, for once, they are mistaken. The “Witness“s main scene occurs around 7 minutes into the episode and lasts for a whole 2 minutes in which he speaks about a dozen different times.

                      S10 Episode 5: “Fan Fiction” – The Poncho Guy

Picture9 Picture10

As this 200th episode was so deep and meaningful, with various aspects and characters symbolising the fans and their passion, I’m not really sure if “Poncho Guy” represents anything but it was very funny and got the whole fandom’s attention. This unknown man, wearing a suit, watches the play the school girls perform and, despite nobody else in the front row taking Maria’s advice, puts the provided waterproof poncho on just before the monster of the episode explodes into purple substance, splattering most of the audience. He is then the first audience member who collects himself after this outburst and gets slowly to his feet to start a long applause. The character has become, somewhat, a fan-favourite despite not having a name or any lines. We don’t even know if he was a guest star or an extra.

Combined, the “Poncho Guy“s screen time doesn’t even make up 30 seconds but he is first seen at around 25 minutes and 40 seconds into the episode as he takes his seat in the auditorium, is shown multiple times intently watching the performance throughout 10 minutes, and then completes his appearance with his climatic clapping.


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