10.06 “Ask Jeeves” Trailer – Transcript

(A girl screams as she falls backwards onto a glass table.)
Narrator: Tuesday…

(Door bell rings. SAM and DEAN stand at a doorway as a butler answers.)

Dean: Everything okay?
Butler: Not really.

Narrator: Was it the colonel with an axe? (A man attacks another man with an axe causing a girl to scream.) The maid with a revolver? (A maid is shown with a gun in her hand. A shot is heard.)

SamYou need to trust us!

Narrator: …Or the butler with a toilet? (A flush is heard as guests discover a man lying motionless, with his face in the toilet.)
Butler:…But I can explain.

Narrator: The boys haven’t got a clue.

Blonde Woman:(to SAM and DEAN) You two are…adorable.
Dean: Oh. (DEAN smiles.)

Narrator: Supernatural, all new, Tuesday at 9/8 central, on the CW.

[Watch the Trailer Here]


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