10.05 “Fan Fiction” Preview Clip – Transcript

(EXT. DAYTIME. DEAN is cleaning his car. He walks around to open the trunk before SAM appears from their motel room, number 200.)

Dean: Hey.

Sam: Hey, how long you been up?

Dean: Long enough to find us a case.

Sam: I take it that means you’re feeling back to normal.

Dean: Yeah, whatever normal is in our world. So, ahh…right here. (DEAN hands SAM a newspaper article from the trunk.) A teacher at an all-girls school went missing in Flint, Michigan. She was headed to her car and then disappeared, nobody’s seen her since.

(SAM looks at the article with the headline “Teacher missing“.)

Sam: Dean, there’s nothing here to even remotely suggest there’s a case.

Dean: There’s nothing there that even remotely suggests there isn’t a case. Boom.

Sam: Come on, man. (SAM drops the newspaper article back into the trunk.)

Dean: Sam, out there, hunting, it’s the only normal I know. We got work to do.

(DEAN throws a gun into the trunk and closes it.)

[Watch the Preview Clip Here]


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