How does it feel to play an angel for so many years?
MISHA: It’s great. There are a lot of advantages – teleporting, time travelling, magically darning my own clothing… These are all things I have in my bag of tricks. It simplifies things.

Do you think there’s a possibility of a ‘Supernatural’ movie in the future?
MISHA: I do think there’s a possibility of a ’Supernatural’ film. We’re going into Season 10 and we’re hopefully going to have an 11th, so it’s entirely possible that there could be a movie. There are only 50 shows that have run this long, and that figure includes current affair shows. As far as scripted shows are concerned, there are not many in the history of television that have made it this far. If‘Supernatural’ goes for an 11th or 12th year, it will be in the top dozen.

Would you consider appearing in a movie if the producers decided to make one?
MISHA: Yeah, I think that would be fun. As long as there was a lot of nudity, I’d be interested. I want to be naked on camera. I keep trying to push it, but they have problems with it. Pah!

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