Supernatural Season 10 PROMO TRANSCRIPTS

Black” Preview Clip (Sam Tortures a Demon)

Black” Preview Clip2 (Dean, Ann-Marie and Crowley)

Reichenbach” Extended Promo

Reichenbach” Preview Clip (Dean and Crowley)

Soul Survivor” Preview Clip (Shown at Comic Con San Diego)

Soul Survivor” Extended Promo

Soul Survivor” Preview Clip2 (Sam and Dean in the Bunker’s Dungeon)

Paper Moon” Promo Trailer

Fan Fiction” Promo

Fan Fiction” Extended Promo

Fan Fiction” Preview Clip (Sam and Dean talk outside their motel room)

Ask Jeeves” Trailer

Ask Jeeves” Preview Clip (Sam and Dean talk by the Impala)

Girls, Girls, Girls,” Trailer

Hibbing 911” Trailer

Hibbing 911” Preview Clip (Sam and Dean talk about the Mark of Cain in the bunker)

The Things We Left Behind” Promo

The Things We Left Behind” Preview Clip (Dean and Castiel talk in the cafe)

The Hunter Games” Promo

The Hunter Games” Preview Clip (Sam, Castiel and Dean in the bunker)

“There’s No Place Like Home” Preview Clip (Sam and Dean Vs. Charlie)

“About a Boy” Promo


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