10.05 “Fan Fiction” Promo – Transcript

Narrator: November 11th…

(INT. SAM and DEAN address a bunch of young girls dressed as Supernatural characters.)

Dean: You’re all here because you love Supernatural.

Narrator: The 200th episode is going to do something scary.
(A school girl screams as she is dragged backwards by a monster.)
Narrator: Sing.

(SAM and DEAN stand watching a school girl, dressed as Dean, perform on stage.)

School Girl:(sings) I’m big brother Dean!
Dean:(to two school girls) There is no singing in Supernatural.

(A girl, on stage, screams at a ghost made out of white sheet and a balloon.)

School Girl:(sings over the top of last narration) Saving people, hunting things!
Narrator: The Supernatural all new 200th episode special event. Tuesday November 11th.

[Watch the Trailer for 10.05 “Fan Fiction” Here]

This is, without doubt, the weirdest transcript I have ever written. x


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