“Soul Survivor” Preview Clip – My Thoughts


I can’t believe what I just watched and how incredible it was. That is top-notch writing right there. I am super excited for this episode!

[Watch the Preview that I am going to be talking about and Read the Transcript Here]


We start off in this scene with Dean getting slapped awake by Sam. Demon Dean looks drained and tired, (not to mention sweaty…hmmm ) and Sam is still speaking and interacting with him in a caring way despite Dean’s lack of love. Sam seems genuinely worried and, as he appears to be trying to heal his brother, wants him to be awake when he carries it out. Dean actually initially answers Sam similarly to how the old Dean would have; joking a bit and reassuring him.

“I’m loving the new model. Lean, mean Dean.”

We see Dean acting completely as a demon would if he was trapped by a hunter. He infers that what Sam is doing is useless and refers to his old self as “your brother“. He is scrambling to find any way out of the situation and starts to taunt and mock Sam. I loved the references to their parents, Mary and John. It’s so nice to see that the writers are still staying true to the main roots and values that started off the show.

Dean beautifully says…

“I was just tired of babysitting you, or always having
to yank your lame ass out of the fire since forever”

I absolutely loved this line. It symbolises both Dean spending his whole life watching out for and saving his brother (to the point where he goes to Hell for him), and the night their mother was murdered. Dean was the one who carried 6-month-old Sam out of the fire that killed Mary. Sam has constantly been shown to feel guilty for their mother’s death and Demon Dean plays on this so well, stating how their mum would still be alive if Sam didn’t exist.

Dean is putting all that “guilt-ridden, weight-of-the-world” feelings that he was burdened with in Season 9 (and for the majority of his life basically) and is putting it all on his brother, blaming and shaming him for purely being born.

I’ve always seen Sam as being the less self-hating and smarter of the two brothers so he does not fall for Dean’s tricks and knows that “this isn’t my brother talking“. Dean then counter attacks this with “You never had a brother!” which is so sad to hear, especially from him. Thankfully, Sam brings the conversation back to the raw message of the show: family.

“We don’t get to quit in this family.
This family is all we have ever had!”

Sam and Dean have only ever had each other and, now that one of them is something that they hunt, things are falling apart and Sam is doing everything he can to pick up the pieces.

“Well then we got nothing.”

Hearing Demon Dean say this when he used to value family above all else is heart-breaking and, again, kudos to the writers.

Sam then mentions their Dad and Dean completely disregards this, saying that he was a brain-washing jerk who forced them into “wasting our lives fighting his losing battle“. We all know that there is some truth in this and that Dean has admitted to it before. However, despite this, Dean always seemed to love and respect his father and his family more than anything, showing viewers the overriding theme of the show; family is family no matter what crap it puts you through.


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