Funny Quote of the Day

“I’ve still only read part of one slash fic. Don’t talk about it? See, there’s a line, right? There’s a line and we’re crossing it right now. Don’t, because it’s going to upset some people in this room if we talk about it. So, don’t upset these poor people! What would they do?

The only thing I was going to say is it does exist. Let’s face reality here and that apparently there’s a sub-section: Dean/Cas/Pie. I haven’t read it. I’m not going to because I know that it haunts the back of my mind knowing that it exists.

It’s wrong. No, I’m not judging. It’s not wrong, it’s just weird. It’s not weird, no, we’re not supposed to talk about it? Well, I don’t have anything really to say about it but, still, people will get upset. ‘It’s our private thing that we do about you.’

– Misha Collins [x]


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