Sheriffs Jody and Donna take over the show

jody and donna[x]

Actress Briana Buckmaster, who played Sheriff Donna Hanscum in 9.13 “The Purge” and is confirmed to make a second appearance in Supernatural Season 10, posted yesterday on her Twitter account this image of herself and fellow actress Kim Rhodes. Rhodes, who has appeared as the character Sheriff Jody Mills in various episodes since Season 5, seems to be taking over the show with Buckmaster as they sit on stars Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki’s named, on set, seats.

It has been revealed that the new season will feature a ‘A Female Buddy Cop Episode’ which has been speculated to involve both fan-favourite Sheriffs who must try and solve a case together.

I think that this idea will really bode well for viewers as we don’t get many females on the show, especially returning female characters. I also thought that, last year, Donna Hanscum was developed so well and I could really feel for her which doesn’t usually happen with a character who only appears in one episode. Jody Mills has been appearing on and off on the show since 2010, so she has become somewhat of a much-loved character for fans. I think that, together in this episode, they will really kick ass and, with their Sheriff authority, show viewers the strength of women, and maybe even the strength of women as hunters as well.

I know that Supernatural has been criticised for being male dominated and even slightly sexist however I think that this year may be the best year for the female characters. Although there are less female characters on the show, I think that the ones that are on the show are more realistic and representative. Instead of having lots of generic young, skinny and sexy women, similar to many other shows, the writers have chosen to really show the power of women that is not just in their looks, or their romantic or sexual power over the Winchesters, but have created more motherly, caring characters that are mostly based on personality and background, with both Jody and Donna having a detailed past behind them.

Jody and Donna are both quite a bit older than the conventional female characters that have appeared before them. This, along with the return of Hannah who is also unconventional, is going to really make this season a great and interesting one.

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