Jensen and Danneel getting their dog

  • Danneel: *Rings up Jensen* I bought a puppy.
  • Jensen: You’re kidding me, right?
  • Danneel: No, I couldn’t stand it. They were there and I had to get one.
  • Jensen: Why didn’t you go to a rescue?
  • Danneel: Well, somebody needs to rescue them! Unfortunately they just cost money.
  • Jensen: Well, what is it?
  • Danneel: It’s a cockapoo.
  • Jensen: What the hell is that? Please tell me it’s like a big, giant, huge, manly dog.
  • Danneel: No, no, it’s great. It’s half cocker spaniel, half poodle…and it’s white.
  • Jensen: How big do those get?
  • Danneel: Oh, you know, 15 pounds.
  • …A little while later:
  • Jensen: *Arriving home* Eh, it’s kind of cute.

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