Day 30: Free Choice = Favourite female scene

30 Days of Supernatural Women

I was going to make myself choose a scene that passes the Bechdel test (a scene where two named woman talk to each other about something that isn’t a man), however I have realised that there are so few scenes that pass this, and the majority of them are scenes of Ellen and Jo discussing their relationship and then…you know…they were killed off. So, not great on that front.

Thinking about it, I really liked Eve’s scene in 6.19 “Mommy Dearest” where she talks to Sam and Dean so I would have to go for that one as my favourite.

30. Eve Mommy Dearest

On a different note, after my discovery on the lack of episodes that pass the Bechdel test, I’ve decided that that’s going to be my next project now that I’ve finished the 30 Days of Supernatural Women.

I’ve really enjoyed this challenge and have learnt a lot about the females on the show and how they’re treated. I accept greatly that Supernatural is a show based around men, therefore I completely understand why there wouldn’t be a woman in every episode, as the focus is really on these two brothers, but it would be interesting to know how many of the, almost 200, episodes actually represent women accurately.

Look out for the next project. Hope ya’ll doing well! Only 22 days to go now!


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