30 Days of Supernatural Season 9

1. Favourite episode

2. Least favourite episode

3. Favourite scene

4. Least favourite scene

5. Scene that made you sad/cry

6. Scene that made you happy/smile

7. Scene that made you laugh

8. Favourite Angel character/Angel scene

9. Favourite Sam and Dean scene

10. Favourite Castiel scene

11. Favourite Crowley/Abaddon scene

12. Most shocking/surprising scene

13. Favourite fighting/action scene

14. Favourite emotional scene

15. Favourite opening scene of an episode

16. Favourite ending scene of an episode

17. Funniest episode

18. Saddest episode

19. Scariest episode/scene

20. Something you thought would happen/wanted to happen but didn’t

21. Favourite story arc/plot twist

22. Favourite hunter

23. Favourite monster/spirit

24. Favourite one-off character

25. Favourite villain/antagonist

26. Favourite new character

27. Least favourite minor character

28. Favourite family/romantic relationship

29. Favourite friendship

30. Favourite dialogue line/quote



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