The Supernatural Retrospect

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So I made two new pages: My Screen Caps and Supernatural News on Social Media (where you will find the two pictures above). They’re all screen caps as well.


Anyway, the Supernatural Retrospective Special which is airing on the 6th of October (the day before the Season 10 Premiere date) is looking really exciting. I can’t wait … although I hope it isn’t marking the show nearing it’s end. 😥

The beautiful tweet of Mark tells us that they are definitely interviewing the cast and/or crew for their opinions and memories from the past decade of the show’s existence. I think this is such a great way to really pay tribute to all of the hard work that has gone into this show over the years.

News also broke out through Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr that tagging your posts, fanart and other amazing things that you guys have created with #CWSPN10 , means that the work may be featured in the Supernatural Retrospect which is just so cool. I’m not so much hoping for my work to appear, because let’s be honest it’s all a bit sh*t, but having fellow fans express their interpretation of the show and paying respect to all of the obsessive enthusiasm that we put in to it as well is so great!

Thank you to my 11, 000 followers! Hang in there, only 55 days to go!
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