Chapter 5 of “How I Love Now” is done!

I’ve written Chapter 5 of my Castiel Fanfiction!

Click Here to read from the beginning!

Maybe I should tell you a bit about it… 😛

It’s set after the Angels have fallen and Castiel starts out as human (that might change later) and he has lived a normal, apple-pie life for 6 months with his girlfriend, Ellie. It’s not until Sam and Dean come and visit him does he find out that his girlfriend is not who she says she is. Is her name even Ellie? Did I just trick you? Is she actually an alien? I don’t know, go and read it yourselves.

It’s actually quite long and, I’m realising now, I probably wouldn’t read it because I have such a short attention span so I read like one-shots of short fics because it’s just easier and I’m lazy. However, if you like longer fics then this is for you, I guess. Enjoy it!

The chapter I’ve just written is quite eventful and the next chapter is going to be set a few months after the previous chapter and Castiel will be…different.
(Hmmm…what does she mean by that? Muhaha I have so much power!)


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