Audio of favourite Sam and Dean scenes from Season 9

Click Here to listen to the audio of 4 different Sam and Dean scenes from Season 9 put over the top of each other (You can Like/Reblog on Tumblr)

Click Here to check out my first “audio of scenes over the top of each other” thingy (includes the audio of scenes from 4×04-“Metamorphosis“, 9×23-“Do You Believe in Miracles?“, 6×19-“Mommy Dearest” and 9×22-“Stairway to Heaven“)

I really liked what I did last time but I wanted to do another one using just Sam and Dean scenes, and I thought there were some really good heart-to-heart, brotherly moments in Season 9 so this is the result.

This time I used scenes from 9×12-“Sharp Teeth“, 9×13-“The Purge“, 9×22-“Stairway to Heaven” and 9×15-“#THINMAN” and it’s quite different to my first one because it’s just Sam and Dean’s voices and there’s not much variation like in the first video I did. The first video had scenes from Season 4, Season 6 and Season 9 so there was a great range of audio and I liked hearing the younger voices of the characters. Also, Bobby and Cas’ voices were in the first audio of scenes and so it just added more depth however I still like this one I’ve done because it is very specific and purely focuses on Sam and Dean’s issues. 

All of the audio clips being from Season 9 also means that, even though there is not much variety, the video is centered around Sam and Dean fighting, the repercussions of Sam being possessed by Gadreel and there is also a bit of the demon!Dean story as well. 

Which one do you like best?
The Sam and Dean one, I find, is easier to listen to because there’s only two voices and the scenes do sound similar so they overlap easily.

If people like this stuff (because it is a bit strange) then I’ll keep making them and upload them to my YouTube channel hopefully.

I’d love to make a Dean and Cas one next, and it is really great to see how scenes that were filmed years apart complement each other so nicely. (In my first one, Dean is arguing with Sam about Ruby in 4×04-“Metamorphosis“, saying things like Sam being a monster and then it just went so nicely with the scenes from Season 9 because of demon!Dean.)

Truthfully, the idea for this came when I accidently opened the 4 different Supernatural scenes on my computer all at once and I just sat there listening to them all argue with each other and…well, I thought it sounded awesome.

Thank you to my 5 noble followers! We’re taking over the world slowly and steady 😉

Hang in there over hiatus, only 81 days to go.


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