Being a part of the Supernatural fandom…

Being a part of the Supernatural fandom is one of the best feelings. As they like to call it: it’s a family. What makes them so different from most other fandoms, I’ve noticed, is just the nice atmosphere that is created when they’re together, whether at a convention or online. No disrespect, but I find that sometimes mainstream fandoms can be geeky or arrogant at moments. Fandoms can also have a tendency to turn nasty if you say the wrong thing and there is normally bitching and judging even between members. The Supernatural fandom seem a lot more laid-back and cool about things, accepting anyone into their community. The “crazy” viewers are not like the stereo-typical fan and make obsessing over a TV show seem normal instead of abnormal. You could say they put the ‘natural’ in Supernatural.

And they accept normalcy, not seeing themselves as socially awkward or strange but knowing that the new normal is being yourself. Despite the Destiel fans taking over the fandom, this unusual and devoted set of people that range so vastly and are so lovingly connected with the character’s stories and the actor’s journeys have warmed so many hearts. I never imagined that the creepy horror show that I caught my brother watching when I was nine years old would, in the future, end up being such an important part of my life and the fandom makes it even better. For the first time in my life, I am proud to call myself a fangirl and feel blessed to be in this unique family that don’t end with blood.


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