Season 10 to start filming TOMORROW!

Robbie Thompson, writer and producer of the show, has announced on Twitter the day that filming for Supernatural Season 10 begins: It’s tomorrow! Eeeek! (Tuesday 8th July 2014)

season 10 to film

He continues to tease of Jensen’s directing on this episode which is great to hear. I missed Jensen’s directing in Season 9 and I genuinely think he is a terrific film maker, regardless of his acting talent.


In other news, Misha Collins will be on reddit to answer any questions on his Wordwide Scavenger Hunt (GISHWHES) on Tuesday 8th July at 3:30PST. As I live in the UK, it would be, I think, 11:30pm for me. 😛 UPDATE: MISHA HAS RESCHEDULED TO WEDNESDAY 9TH JULY AT 3:30PST

I am definitely going to upload my new chapter of my Castiel Fanfiction today or, if I’m really busy, tomorrow. (and it’s going to have a cliffhanger). Watch this space!


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